Life with the Kat

Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest


Twilight’s Life Lessons (for Busy Kats)

Hey there, peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here, and I’ve decided to address the issue that was dearest to Shrimp’s heart-

(Okay, well, not DEAR – but important enough for her to send me lightening bolts from beyond the Rainbow Bridge if I don’t cooperate).

And that is the issue of DOGS and their place in a Kat’s life.

See, some kats tolerate dogs (mainly because they don’t have a choice), and they enter into a continual battle to prove themselves more valuable to their humans.

Others are determined that no flea – bitten dog is going to outshine them, and have developed a talent for putting those dogs in their place…

And some kats are PROS At reminding those dogs who’s boss!

Of course, every now and then, a kat is a little, shall we say, special in the brain department, and the dog (s) are victorious –

* Shakes head *

And some kats are so superior to those poor, brainless mutts, that they don’t even bother with the “battle”- they simply set up their throne and watch the dogs whimper.

And believe it or not, there are even a few extra gracious kats that are somewhat sympathetic to the poor, dumb walking mops. (Bless their fluffy little hearts)!

And there are still other kats that flat out hire attorneys to sue the dumb things.

And even more kats, sadly, have given up and accepted the dogs in their lives as a necessary evil – kind of like vet appointments, or flea medicine.

Meanwhile, the dogs plot on…

(Unless they’re smart – then they get the heck out of the way)-

And the kats win.

However, those dumb dogs just keep the battle going….

Bring it on.