Caturday Crazies

It all started with this!

A surprise for cute little ME from!! Oh my fleas! I’m so happy!

I just knew there was something delicious in that box from the moment it came! It smelled so good I tried to open it myself because the human was taking her dear sweet time about opening it.

And not only was there a giant bag of delicious food inside, but a new roll of CRINKLY PAPER too!

I was as excited about the paper as I was about the food (which just happened to come when my tummy was complaining loudly that it had been an ENTIRE 10 minutes since my last feeding)!

And then,…

I found another surprise!

A pretty, GOLDEN BALL!! And it even had a pretty golden handle so I could pick it up and carry it around!

I was so happy! But for some reason the human just about fainted when she saw me slapping it around – she must have been overcome with joy that I liked it!

I was careful to show her how special it is to me. I took it from the top of the microwave and knocked it down to see if it would make that pretty tinkle-y sound that broken glass makes (it didn’t – but I like it anyway)!

Then I tossed it in the air and swatted it everywhere –

I played with that pretty golden ball until I started getting sleepy…

Then I took it into my brand new box lined with my brand new paper, just to make sure it was safe and I’d be able to find it in the morning –

And then…

I curled up on my blankie with my teddy bear and went to bed.

Goodnight! ❤️


Bored Wednesday

Hey there, peeps!

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭 It is so COLD outside that there’s no way my human will let me out while she’s gone, and oh my fleas! I’m so bored!

Sure, I’ve got lots of toys everywhere, and ping pong balls and golf balls, and pretty dangly things – but I miss having Shrimp around to pick on – I mean, play with.

So, I’m going to find out what my furiends do when they’re bored. That should be fun!

Hey – that looks like a ton of fun! 😺

Oh how exciting! I hope the human won’t get upset…

Holy FLEAS! Humans really do Have a brain after all!

Great idea, but we don’t have a dog or a goldfish… There goes that plan!

Well, this is purromising! Let’s see if I can open the cereal boxes and see how far the pieces will scatter!

Hey – That bread smells good…

Hmmmm…. I wonder what all these “reminders” are all over the front of the fridge – let’s see if I can knock them off from up here!


I have a feeling that pretty shiny thing wasn’t supposed to break!


Boy, have I missed you guys!

Almost as much as my boyfriends, Tom, and Stripes, and Junky, and Tex, and Garfield, and the Mail carriers’ kat, and, well- nevermind!

The point is, the humans around here had family from out of town visiting all last week – so I was taking advantage of their absence to have some fun!

While I was scouting out the new kats in the neighborhood, the humans were all running all over the place and the few times they stayed put, it was so NOISY you wouldn’t believe it -(but it sounded like they were having a ton of fun)!

So I did some investigating to find out what all the racket was…

⬆️ This is where a lot of that loud racket came from…. (But they’re cute)! 😺

The ITTIEST BITTIEST CREATURE has an even ittier cousin! Her name is Kenna and she’s only 2 months old! The little boy Creature is Kenna’s big brother (4)-

I think I like him – and Lily loved playing with them. She had never seen them before.

Kade (the 4 year old) LOVES his little sister and is very purrtective of her… My humans are crazy about all of them – they had only seen Kade once before (as a baby)- and this was their first time seeing cute little Kenna.

So my human and I had a hard time taking time for anything that didn’t involve the creatures. (But don’t tell Shrimp I loved them being here)!

They loved spending time with the human’s grown Creatures and getting to know the babies – and I thought the Creatures were a lot of fun (as long as they were happy)-

Lily and Jazlyn loved playing with them too – but Lily didn’t like it when she saw Daddy holding the new baby!!

They spent as much time together as possible and it was pawsome – but now, FINALLY! I HAVE MY HUMANS BACK!!

*purrs *

Monday Mischief from beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Greetings Humans! 😺☕️ Shrimp here popping in from Beyond the Rainbow Bridge!

You know, when I left that little Albino Flea in charge, she was supposed to be posting fur ME!

But what she did was ignore all my instructions! She hasn’t posted ONE flippin post about those useless shaggy things called dogs -So she is hereby FIRED! 😼

MEANWHILE, as you can see,….

I Inspired the ittiest bittiest Creature to “say hello” to Serafina fur me!


UnFURtunately, Serafina is a lot more tolerant than I’d hoped. Hmmmm.

I am however, having fun with making the Albino Flea see things thst “aren’t there!” 😹 MOL!

You should see the human’s face when The Flea is seeing things! I still haven’t been able to trick her into shredding the curtains yet, but don’t worry – I will!

Sometimes the Flea tries to hide from me..,

But sooner or later she decides its safe and comes out fur more (of my) fun!

I also caught the Albino Flea in the kitchen cabinets looking fur mischief and alerted the human –

But dangit – the human thought it was “the cutest thing EVER!” 😾

I just can’t win!

So then, I tempted the Little Flea to grab some of the humans ‘ Frosted Mini wheats that she likes to nibble on in the morning while she’s waking up…

Turned out that plan backfired too- the Flea loved them and the human thought it was CUTE!!