Monday Creature Feature!

Hey there, peeps! 🐭

It's cute little me – Twitchy Twilight!

I've been running all over the neighborhood trying to keep up with the Creature and the little grabby thing and help the human watch after them – man, do they keep her busy!

The little grabby thing is learning how to eat something that doesn't come in a bottle now, and some of her favorite foods are Blueberries and pears –

When the human feeds her, she'll usually eat whatever she's given, but whenever she gives her pears and Blueberries, the grabby thing opens her mouth wide and strains to bring her mouth to the spoon –
and then grabs the spoon right out of her hand! 😹

So, she painted herself and the kitchen and the human in Blueberries and pears – and needed a bath!

She had so much fun!

And of course, the human had to stop everything and take pictures!

Isn't she cute- (for a human)?

And these are pictures of them playing outside together:

They always have fun – until the grabby thing cries – then the Creatures also starts crying!

But the Creature loves to cook with her Parents, so she gets distracted easily from her crying!

Look at her kitty apron!

I wonder if she can make Fancy Feast?

Thursday Therapy – Ways we kats are just like you (but better)

Greetings Humans!😺☕️

You know, I had a thought occur to me today as I was going after Twitchy Twilight – mid scratch – I mean, as we were playing…

It occurred to me that aside from having lovely fur, and MUCH HIGHER INTELLIGENCE, whiskers – we kats are more like you humans than you realize –

Here's a few examples fur ya –

1.) We are jealous as heck

We NEED to know where our can openers –

HUMANS are at all times.

2.) We love to get into trouble

– We have along list of things to do just like you.

3.) We always, sometimes, MIGHT,

– We help out around the house if there's something in it fur us

4.) We also search fur slaves, servants, can openers

ROOMMATES on the internet.

5.) We fall in love, get married, fight

SEARCH FUR A MATE just like you do.

6.) We're into sports, playing ball, being fit

– WATCHING STUFF – just like you.

7.) We also know an idiot when we see one,