Monday Cattitude

Greetings Humans! 😺☕️

Well its Monday again- and I’m not feeling very cheery today because the Human is going to be spending the day with the Creature and its baby sister, spoiling THEM instead of cute little me.

See what I mean? 

And all because “it’s summer now and school’s out!” 😾 Well, MAKE IT START AGAIN! 

Twitchy Twilight and I want our human here (Creature-less) all day to spoil us and play with us and she just WON’T co-operate!

That means that not only will Twitchy Twilight and I have to entertain ourselves today, but when the human gets home, all we’ll hear about its how “darling” the littlest creature is. 

Oh yay.

Wake us up when it’s over!