Why A NEW blog?

     (Meme courtesy of Cheezeburger.com)

Greetings humans!  Welcome to my new blog!  Thanks fur stopping by!😺☕️

You know, there’s a whole bunch of stray kittens around lately, and they have a lot to learn. And as usual, they look up to cute little me to teach them the rules of how to be a respectable Kat.

So, fur my first class (this season), I want to share some examples of purroper cattitude;

In the example above, my cousin Ellie, gives a great demonstration of how a Kat should respond when asked the question, “Why?” 

     (Meme courtesy of Cheezeburger.com)

And in this example, Cheeky does an excellent job of demanding an answer in true Kat style – after all, no Kat in her right mind is going to take “no” sitting down, when there’s absolutely NO VALID reason why a Kat can’t be purrvided free range gerbils, (or hamsters, or ostriches, or live tunas, or fresh crab)…

Good job, Cheeky! 😹 

Stay tuned for more episodes of Shrimp’s kitten lessons fur the discerning Kat! (It’s time fur my nap)! 


4 thoughts on “Why A NEW blog?

  1. Hi Miss Shrimp, I’ve followed you from your previous pages. You are so full of fun you make my Mum laugh a lot, which is a good thing. You’ve left me comments about my WordPress pages, but I haven’t had time to update them fur ages. I’m too busy leaving headless bodies for my Mum ( she is not at all appreciative) and then I sleep a lot of the day. Thanks fur your comments, we’ll be watching your new pages, and I will MOL!
    Milo. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mol!! 😹 Well hello Milo!! I totally understand – we kats have our priorities! My human is busier than a flippin tornado too- but she’s one of those weird tornadoes that goes around fixing everything and sucking up all my hard -Sheddded fur! What the flea!!


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