Shrimp’s Kitten Lessons fur the Discerning Kat; Cattitude that Counts 

Greetings humans & fellow felines! ☕️
Today we’re continuing kitten lessons in the purroper use of cattitude in different situations. 

I can’t stress enough to you kittens how important cattitude is. I mean, think about it – that’s what makes the difference between high quality Kat food that costs $75.00 a bag or the cheap stuff from the grocery store. 

It determines who gets the comfy spot on the couch, and whether or not you get play time and that daily fix of katnip and tuna. 

Let’s face it, kittens – if you don’t demonstrate the purroper amount of cattitude, you get fed whatever’s on sale at the grocery store, treats and tuna become furgotten treasures, and the humans start to think of you as…well, an ANIMAL! YOU MAY AS WELL BE A DOG!🙀

So we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen! Here with us today is my purrsonal hero, Grumpy Kat to demonstrate just the right use of cattitude.

When the humans drag the camera out…

When you’re dealing with a know – it – all…

When the way they dress embarrasses the whiskers off you…

When they want to live in a flippin fairy tale…

When you just flippin feel like it!

Thank you, Grumpy! You’re our hero!

        🐹 Memes courtesy of Pinterest 🐹


7 thoughts on “Shrimp’s Kitten Lessons fur the Discerning Kat; Cattitude that Counts 

  1. Hilarious my friend. OMP – we are rolling here with the Mickey Mouse one. You know how my mom is a fanatic over that white gloved rodent. Too funny! We had to put that picture on her Facebook page so she would have it. Love it my friend – love it! XOXO – Bacon

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