Shrimp’s Musings 

Sometimes I just don’t understand those flippin humans!

The other day, the human walked into the Creature’s house early in the morning, and Serafina was tossing a bird around in the kitchen – she was being very careful to be a good kitty and leave plenty of evidence of purrty blue feathers all over the place to demonstrate to her humans what a fierce huntress she is – and I was SO PURROUD of her!

But the humans felt pawful fur “the poor little Blue Jay!” 

What a purrize it was! 

But fur some reason, the humans wouldn’t let her keep it!😾

Serafina was so purroud of herself! She was going to lay it on her Daddy’s pillow, but they wouldn’t let her do it.

That got me thinking. Humans think we kats just lay around and sleep all day (and eat)- when we do something to show them what we’re capable of, they freak out! What the flea!! 

               Meme courtesy of Pinterest 


9 thoughts on “Shrimp’s Musings 

  1. I get this all the time. I bring presents all the time for my human, sometimes I leave them half alive so she can finish them off. Does she appreciate it? No. I just get shouted at and the finger is pointed at me to take it out! I don’t understand it. I want to share, but she won’t. I will never understand humans. But we have to keep trying, eh?
    Milo. xx

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