Kat Diary: Here we go again.

Oh joy. 
Yet again, I get to sit by my adorable little self and be bored while the human watches Serafina fur the Creature and its parents – all because of some wedding in another state. 

I don’t know what a “wedding” is, but as fur as I’m concerned, it sounds like trouble.

I mean, dude – it seems like everytime one of those things happens, there’s lots of noise, and fussing over everything and (we kats get ignored)- and everyone (except the resident kats) is happy fur a day and then all of a sudden, BOOM! SOMEBODY’S ABOUT TO HAVE A CREATURE! 

*tail FLAP!* 

And speaking of creatures, the Creature is starting to steal more and more attention from what really matters (ME)! 

I mean, check it out!


And then there’s the dance – 

Great. Just what every Kat needs – a distraction fur the can openers. *sighs*


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