Flippin Rain…

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

The last few days I’ve been complaining to the human about the flippin rain and wind that’s been pounding the Northwest and purrventing my outside fun and bug hunting activities. 

And who the heck decided to make it so cold? My whiskers almost froze and my paws got cold every time the front door was opened fur a few seconds.

However, I did catch up on my beauty sleep…

Meanwhile, it was the Creature’s Mom’s birthday today and they went out of town, and my human went to their house to take care of Serafina and work on some surprises she had up her sleeve fur when they got home.

Serafina knows when my human is there it means she’s going to get (More) spoiled – so she was happy to see the human! 

And was even happier after she got fed…

Then while the Serafina made herself at home tossing toys off the Creature’s bed, the human finished wrapping gifts and fixed up some nice surprises fur them to see when they walked in the door and then she disappeared and came back home to spoil cute little me -(smart fur a human)!😹

But the wind picked up and the rain kept pouring, so she and human #2 decided to just chill and watch some movies. 

That was fine with me, since I get to melt into the human’s lap and get brushed while the movies are on!

But then, the human got a Creature video and scared the flippin fur right off me when I heard that voice coming from the phone!

And then the phone started tinkling and all of a sudden the attention was off of cute little ME! 😾 *Tail FLAP!*

And then, even a picture of the littlest Creature popped up!! Appurently, he took his Mom’s jacket and thought it was hilariously funny! 

Well, I didn’t appureciate my snuggle time getting interrupted -but that’s okay. I have special plans fur the human around 4 am. 




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