Top Reasons Why you need a Kat 

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

My apologies fur being late with this morning’s post – it’s all the humans’ fault, of course – she fell asleep last night before giving me my pre-posting Fancy Feast, and I was so weak with hunger, I couldn’t think!

I mean, really – how does she expect me to function on just that $58.00 – a – bag dry cereal?

Anyway, I’ll deal with that lazy human later- right now it’s time to discuss some of the top Reasons Why you NEED a Kat;

1.) We’re great fashionistas.

2.) We support your efforts – no matter how ridiculous they are.

3.) We’re great accents fur your decor.

4.) We’re great shredders -(and we don’t use electricity).

5.) We’re great shoe -warmers.

6.) We keep those pesky sheets in place.

7.) We check on you frequently to make sure you’re okay- (a good can opener is hard to find)!

8.) We’re resourceful!

9.) We make you smile (whether you want to or not).

10.) We keep those pesky dogs in line.

      🐹 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐹


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