Kat diary: Ungrateful Flippin Human!

I just don’t understand what’s wrong with the human. 

She seemed extra tired last night – I heard her tell human #2 that she had a really bad headache when she got home from watching the Creature, so I decided that since her head had been hurting fur hours, I’d work on an extra special surprise fur her (to cheer her up).

So after she went to bed, I hunted fur a special treat fur her, and finally caught a nice, big spider. I was excited to give it to her, so I woke her up and left it near her pillow.

But she didn’t appureciate it AT ALL! I never saw her wake up so fast! Before I knew it, she SMACKED my appetizer and flattened it! 

What a waste of my hunting skills! Next time I’ll just eat him myself! 😾



14 thoughts on “Kat diary: Ungrateful Flippin Human!

  1. Well, Shrimp, I hate to be the harbinger of bad news – but there is a reason why your human does not appreciate spiders – it is … well, maybe she should tell you, but now I have started I may as well say it myself, brace yourself Shrimp – the reason why the human does not like what you like is – you are adopted.

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