Creature Season! πŸ™€

It was Halloween again… When creatures dress funnier than usual and prowl around after dark to ask fur treats.

I don’t know why, but appurently the Creatures around here don’t go fur nip and tuna, and mice.

The Creature as the Little Mermaid!!

The Creature and her parents went to a party where she got to show the animals what a mermaid looks like. 

I’m sure they were impressed, since they gave her candy.

She really liked being a mermaid – but fur some reason, at bedtime the spell was broken and she was a Creature again.

And then there’s the LITTLEST CREATURE!!! πŸ™€

I don’t know what they feed that thing – but it must be some pawful stuff since he sprouted an extra head, a tail, and all those extra teeth!

He went around with his parents knocking on doors also to show off his teeth. 

Everybody  must’ve been terrified because everywhere he went they gave him candy to make him go away.

But once again, at bedtime the spell was broken and the littlest Creature suddenly wasn’t a dinosaur anymore –

And the neighborhood could rest in peace again.

Sounds good to me!


10 thoughts on “Creature Season! πŸ™€

  1. Sooooo…. giving creatures CANDY makes them go away??? Good to know!!!! Now there’s no need for you to dig that tunnel to Japan anymore, sweet furiend! ‘Cause all you need are TONS of CANDY!!! 🍑🍭🍑🍭🍑🍭🍑🍭 MOL 😸😸

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