They’ve done it now! πŸ˜Ύ

Greetings humans! β˜•οΈ

Remember the other night when I didn’t post? 

Well that’s because I was busy all night watching my humans “rescue” a kitten that was born in our backyard a few months ago and had disappeared.

She was one of four kittens. After she disappeared, the humans assumed someone had taken her and they found homes fur her sisters. 

But the night before last, when it was cold and pouring rain…guess who reappeared-  cold, wet, and hungry, and infested with fleas?

She had been scratching so badly that her fur was pink with dried blood and dirt. She also had diarrhea! 

The neighbor had taken her into his house after telling the human earlier that day that she had come back, and the human felt so pawful fur the little thing that she told him to keep her inside his house until she called later that day (after running some errands), and she would keep her  – (she did not consult ME)!😾 

So, she cleaned and vacuumed the whole house, bought a new litter box and Kat litter, went to the vet and told them about her and bought her flea treatment and kitten chow, and PEDIALYTE, and Campbell’s beef broth – then came home and made dinner, washed the dishes, played with me and gave me lots of snuggle time – then she put out a bunch of towels and some flea killing shampoo, by the kitchen sink, and I started to get nervous.   

But then -the neighbor brought her over and handed her to the human who immediately clipped her nails then put her DIRECTLY into the sink and gave her a flea bath! 

I was relieved that the bath wasn’t fur me – but they spent more than an hour washing her, cleaning her ears, and another hour picking dead fleas off her – then feeding her and snuggling her – 

Then, the human massaged coconut oil into her skin to soothe her skin.

They named her Twilight.

(But I call her Toast)!😾 

I didn’t mind them helping her – I mean, I had been abandoned too-  I even watched patiently without complaining while they did all that.

But then they started talking about how “precious” and “cute” she is. And that’s when I decided the kid is TOAST! 

I mean, really – look at this!

That’s it. I can’t flippin have her stealing my humans’ hearts! 

This means war. 

*Sharpens claws*


78 thoughts on “They’ve done it now! πŸ˜Ύ

  1. Lovely Shrimp, this is a fantastic news! Look at the positive side of the catnip: she will be your best furriends in the dark, cold winter nights πŸ™‚
    A great playmate, or team-mate to wonderful adventures :mrgreen:
    Pawkisses ❀

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  2. Now wait a minute here, Shrimp. You have a buddy that you can teach how best to torment the new creature that is coming soon. Settle down, think about things, don’t do anything hasty. Now there are two of you, double the trouble. Yes? And I will bet all my money that soon you will fall in LOVE with her. But not until you show her who is boss and teach her your rules. Make sure you keep a lot of space fur yourself cause you deserve it. And sorry I just have to say she is just TOO cute. BUT you are the most beautiful of them all. That’s just the way it is!! MB ❀

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  3. The humans did WHAT?!?!?! πŸ™€πŸ™€ OH MY KATS! WHAT THE FLEA WERE THEY THINKING??? Have they lost their minds??? Poor little Shrimp! They could at least have told you!! (*tail flap*) 😾😾

    But hey, look at it this way – now you might have a partner in crime!! Or someone you can blame your mischief on… (*chuckles*) 😹😹

    xoxoxoxoxoxo, Roxy & Tigerlino ❀ ❀ ❀

    Sending a boatload of whales your way! Hope they'll be able to cheer you up…

    PEEEEEEEEEE ESSSSSSSSSSSSSS: The little one is cute (not as cute as you though…) 😺

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  4. OMP! Finally someone I can talk to who can relate when ‘cuddles’ AKA Houdini came into the house. Dude, that dog has four legs and is carried around every where. Rolls piggy eyes. I know *exactly* how you feel. Honestly I do. I admit the little rug rat is cute here but I draw the line when he wants to ride on my back. I think you should do the same. Twilight – snorts. Yeah, Toast is better. XOXO – Bacon

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