FURiday Fuzzball Funnies 

Serafina here…. Shrimp and Twilight are in the middle of a conference (heated discussion), so I’m helping her with today’s post so She can “educate” (poor little) Twilight.

Twilight just doesn’t get it – she can’t resist swatting at Shrimp’s (always flapping) tail- the humans keep warning her that it’s not a good idea… But Twilight disagrees!

Maybe if I change the subject, it’ll distract them!  So, let’s check in on some of the neighborhood pets around here….

     🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭


12 thoughts on “FURiday Fuzzball Funnies 

  1. Twilight (aka Toastie) will learn … a few scratches on her nose will teach her. Shrimp at least seems to have accepted the situation as “nothing can be done about this” … Twilight seems fascinated by Shrimp. But then she is about her “teenage” months – the time for a lot of bad behaviour … This, too, will pass.

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