Shrimp’s Helpful hints fur “Newly Adopted kittens”

Greetings Humans. 😺☕️

Whenever a newly adopted kitten comes into a home already occupied by a (lovely, intelligent) resident kat -(like ME-fur example)- there are a few things that it needs to know in order to adequately express it’s appurreciation to its new humans. 

A kitten needs to remember that the new humans love to keep the house nice and tidy, and to keep its new humans happy, it should always be willing to help out around the house – like this :

🐾  Always keep your toys organized so you can locate them when you want them. The best spot fur this, is right in the entry way of the living room. This way, visitors can see how well you take care of your toys as soon as they trip over them. 

Another very important thing to remember, is that your new humans want to know you love them. 

🐾 The best way to demonstrate this, is by finding a purrsonal object of theirs that they use daily (something like their iPhone charger, wallet, or car keys)- and hiding them fur yourself. This works best if it’s something very expensive to replace – don’t worry if they get “upset”- humans are weird and often cry when they’re actually HAPPY! 


Another thing that will make your new humans purroud is, demonstrating that you are fitness minded. 

🐾 The best way to do this, is by playing ball in the kitchen while they’re cooking dinner -(that way, you can be sure they notice you)- This is even more effective if the kitchen is small and they are working on several things at once.

😺Bonus points if you make them spill milk on the floor, or drop a steak. 

Another important thing to remember is, 

🐾 The only reason humans buy DARK COLORED furniture is so that you can accent it with your fur. 

Humans are weird about wanting everything to match, so be sure to faithfully donate your fur on everything in the house to give everything that coordinated designer look they always want. 

They are especially grateful if you do this immediately after they finish vacuuming!

Stay tuned for more helpful tips later! 😺


9 thoughts on “Shrimp’s Helpful hints fur “Newly Adopted kittens”

  1. Well done my friends. Don’t forget to add that an occasional hairball strategically placed on your humans pillow so that they sleep in it is also the most perfect thing to give them. XOXO – Bacon

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