Movie Kat- And Big news coming tomorrow!

Greetings Humans! ðŸ˜º ☕️ 

There’s been so much going on around here, that I’ve been running my fluffy little tail off trying to keep up – 

The Albino Flea (Twilight)- is still driving me flippin nuts, but she’s learning my lessons really well. 

Fur example, rule #213 (Shrimp’s rules fur the Discerning Kat)…. 

“Whatever the humans are doing, always get right in the middle of it immediately.”

Notice how well she’s doing with this one:


How purrfect! She even eats their popcorn too!!!😹 (Don’t worry, the human never put artifical junk in it)- 

And she’s also getting quite talented at “fishing”- fishing ice out of her water and into the floor, fishing the human’s keys out of her purse, fishing meat off their plate, fishing socks out of the laundry,…. Mol! 😹

I’m teaching her really well!

I have a special lesson planned for her tomorrow – but the humans are going to be gone most of the day because they have big news to share tomorrow- (I’d better get busy getting Twilight working on tomorrow’s lesson) –

Stay tuned!😺


9 thoughts on “Movie Kat- And Big news coming tomorrow!

  1. Ah, Tess did that yesterday as well! We were watching a movie and Tess jumped up in front of the TV. Of course she did so at a point of suspense, so all was silent, and she was also in front of the speakers..
    I’m surprised they survived after the “explosive” scene! xD

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