Thursday Therapy 

Greetings, humans! 😺☕️

My posts have been irratic lately, and I’m sorry fur that – it has been unavoidable since my furry little kitty world has been turned upside down this last week- but now the new baby and her parents are home, and The Creature is back at home with them, so the human is going to take a few days to rest and then things will get back to normal. 

Thank you fur not giving up on me – I think of you all every day, but dude- a kat needs her sleep SOMETIME! 

Speaking of needing sleep,… Poor Serafina was getting the Creature’s “therapy!” 😹

Serafina didn’t know WHAT the tiny little thing was that it’s Mom and Dad and the Creature was fussing over – 

But then she heard a teeny, tiny sneeze, and then she decided,

Which is good – because they would’ve done it anyway!! 😹

Time to finish digging that tunnel to Japan! 🙀


9 thoughts on “Thursday Therapy 

  1. Beautiful Lily to add to your ever growing family, kitties and humans!👶
    You tolerate Twilight now, but she obviously knows her place! 😾
    And you have snow! I love it but we don’t get it every year here. ☔
    Milo. xx

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