Thursday Therapy: Twitchy Twilight 

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️ 

The lazy glass kat and I had a serious discussion today – and I think Twilight’s gone over the deep end.

See, the human ordered us some food and toys from, and the big package arrived yesterday, with a huge bag of the most PURRFECT kat food ever, some L-lysine powder (that we caught the human spiking our Fancy Feast with), some kat vitamins (REALLY, HUMAN)? And some dental chews, and TOYS!

But our favorite thing is the big box it came in!!😹

I checked it out right away and decided the human can’t get rid of it. She said she didn’t have room to keep it, but Twilight and I put all four paws down and said it’s not going anywhere!

Then Twilight came along and took it over! 

And then she discovered the paper and toys in it – and got really crazy! 

​The human took videos of her being all wild-  (I got out of the way)- but fur some reason, I can’t get the videos uploaded tonight (flippin internet)!

Twilight’s favorite thing is the curly springs – she slaps them all over the house and carries them around in her mouth – and she loves the chew toys too-(the human tied one into the kat tree so she can’t lose it)… But my favorite is the box -(and the FOOD)! 😹 I can’t stop eating the stuff (and neither can Twilight)- and the human was thrilled that she got free two day shipping fur it! 

I’ll try to upload the videos of Twitchy Twilight tomorrow – but right now, I’ve got some serious playing to do!


12 thoughts on “Thursday Therapy: Twitchy Twilight 

  1. I think it is Christmas for you both all over again! Special food, toys and best of all a cardboard box and paper to play with! You lucky kitties.
    It looks like Twilight doesn’t need any more vitamins. You’d better watch out Shrimp.
    I like the look of the curly springs. Mum asks if they are from a pet store??
    Milo. xx

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  2. hay ewe galz…..we noe how awesum de goodz frum chewy iz AND de box de goodz come in !!! yur fotoz R grate which iz az good az a moovee….we can never get mooveez outta de fone two de internetz sew yur doin waaaaay better N uz !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

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