Thursday Kat Diary / Therapy

Greetings humans! 😺 β˜•οΈ

So, I didn’t post yesterday- the human was on day 9 with pain in her head and neck- (a pulled muscle in her neck / shoulders). 

The doctor told her not to work out-(except fur biking or walking)- fur a while because she was having a constant headache and was barely even able to read (because looking down was painful)…  

He also lightly mentioned the “possibility” that she could have bleeding in her head since the headache started the day after her neck injury and was severe enough that she had a hard time functioning fur that whole week. 

So he told her to rest, and take muscle relaxers and if it wasn’t gone or significantly better “in five days,” he would have her go to the hospital fur a kat scan to make sure there wasn’t something worse causing the headache.

I volunteered to do the Kat scan fur them, but the doctor didn’t go fur that. 😹

Anyway, the human’s neck still hurts, but the headache is barely there now-(because I took such good care of her)-  so now I can quit babysitting that whiny human and get back to my normal (very important) Kat schedule.

I’ll let Twitchy Twilight take over fur a bit with entertaining the human, so I can get some much needed therapy. Wanna join me?

Memes from Cheezeburger and Pinterest 


17 thoughts on “Thursday Kat Diary / Therapy

  1. I hope your hoomin is feeling better. My hoomin has to have a new hip. What would they do without us kitties to keep them on their toes, or not as the case may be?
    Keep the hoomins smiling Shrimp & Twilight. That’s what we are good at!
    Milo. xx

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    • Thank you! She was better- but then she did her workout again yesterday (the 5 days were up that the doctor said not to workout)- and now the neck pain and headache is back (though definitely not as severe). Time fur a different workout!

      But she has lost 50 pounds and kept it off fur almost 2 years!! 😺


  2. hay ewe galz….we hope yur momz head o ache haz gone….thatz scaree nooze de doc said…yikez !!! purrhaps if her wrapz a perch round her head it will help…she will look stylish, smell grate, haza tastee snax cloze bye, N it may…just…werk !!

    heerz two an european perch kinda week oh end ~~~~~ β™₯β™₯β™₯

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  3. You had a neck injury and did not go to ER?!? Uh_Oh
    It would have been more cautious to take immediately a CAT scan, or a slab to ensure that there was not a subcutaneous bloodshed!
    Hope you will recover soon πŸ˜€
    Pawkisses ❀

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