Kat diary: Tripped Out Twilight

Greetings humans!πŸ˜Ίβ˜•οΈ

Well, Twilight had an “interesting” day yesterday- 

She didn’t know that the human had made a vet appointment fur her weeks ago to get a rabies booster shot and a feline leukemia shot- (GO HUMAN)! Mol! 😹

The human spent time brushing her and snuggling her and cleaning out her ears- and right when Twilight was ready to settle in on her lap fur a nice, long nap with the sunbeam on her face from the bedroom window-  the human got up and put her in the carrier and away they went! 


Then they were gone fur an hour or two and I had the house all to my adorable little self- (which I promptly spent hiding all of The Albino Flea’s favorite golf balls, feather toys, and colorful springs)….


But then,….

Right when I started to wonder what was taking them so long, they got home with groceries! 

Wait just a flea pickin minute here! How come that THING gets to go shopping with the human and gets to get cooed over in the flippin Grocery store, while I’m stuck here hiding toys?😾

*Of course, if she had taken me to a grocery store full of people and creatures I’d have freaked out- but STILL!*

So, later last night, while the human was occupied with other things, Twilight and I had a little heart-to-heart discussion about her stealing the humans’ attention fur the day…

*Flippin Albino Flea!* 😾


8 thoughts on “Kat diary: Tripped Out Twilight

  1. Don’t be sad, poor little furiend. Your humans still love you as much as ever. And hey, you sure showed the little one who’s boss! MOL 😹😺

    Here’s a boatload of salmon just for you, sweet little furiend 😺


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