Thursday Therapy / Kat Diary

Greetings Humans. β˜•οΈ

 I don’t know about you, but Serafina and Twilight and I need some serious therapy! 

(Well, Twilight needs more than therapy, but I don’t know what)! 😹

Wondering why 3 spoiled kats would need therapy? 

Here ya go!

That’s it! ⬆️ ⬇️ 

Yep. Once a Creature comes along-(especially those itty-bitty baby ones), a Kat better run fur the hills!

After that, all the attention goes straight to the little cooing Thing- and nobody takes time to play with the Kat anymore, because they’re too exhausted from playing with the baby creature all day!

Or, the OTHER Creature decides to play with the Kat, and out come the Barbies that want a horsey ride, and the nail polish, and the doll clothes, and the sidewalk chalk to “take the kats’ pawprints!” πŸ™€ (I kid you not)….

And, there’s the purroblem of furgetting to FEED the Kat!!


But then there are Kats like Serafina- who has appointed herself Royal Bodyguard to Her Highness, Purrincess Lily. πŸ‘‘

She doesn’t go outside much anymore- because she purrfers to stay inside so she can watch over Lily and make sure she’s okay. 

Here she is in the picture above, guarding (and testing)- Lily’s rocking chair so it’ll be nice and warm and work purroperly -when the humans rock her in it. 

And, of course, she has to make sure her play area meets the strictest kat standards!😸

Really, I don’t know how Serafina does it- giving up all the bird and squirrel hunting and only giving them death glares from the window when she’s not teaching the baby’s Mom and Dad how to do things- but she must not mind it too much, because every chance she gets, she’s checking on the baby. 

Besides, she knows that while she’s staying inside training the humans, those birds and squirrels are getting fatter and juicier every day- and sooner or later, training will be over! YUM!! 😹


19 thoughts on “Thursday Therapy / Kat Diary

  1. hay ewe gals…..ya hafta add mit; de wee purrson iz a dor abull; we R all friendz heer….. sew if we add mit it two ewe…. ewe can add mit it ta uz….N noe catz will speek oh werd oh it !!!

    princess πŸ™‚ sure looks like her big sister in fotoz two top row rite ~~~~

    pricelezz ~~~ β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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