Caturday Cuties: Critter Sitter

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️

Well, the human is grounded -again. 

She leaves me alone with Twitchy Twilight all day so she can go play with the Creature and its baby sister.

See- I caught her red-pawed yesterday when I followed her to see exactly why she was taking so long to tend to my very important feeding / grooming / playing schedule.


This is what I found –

Here’s the Creature reading to the ittiest bittiest Creature after school  – while the human records it to send to everybody on the flippin planet.
And she was there – all day long! 

So, while she’s supposed to be pampering cute little ME, she’s leaving me here with that psychotic albino flea while she coos over the baby Creature and Serafina!

Serafina says she’s the one watching the baby – (that’s why she’s so wiped out)! 😹

She says all the human does is make its bottles, feed it (several times), burp it, change it, read to it, sing to it, carry it everywhere, play with it, and take pictures of it constantly….

So I can’t understand why the human doesn’t feel like playing with me when she gets home. You’d think she’d already be in the mood to play after doing it all day. 

*flippin human*


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