Kat Diary: Kitty Love 

Hey there! Twilight here – just a quick question for you all before Shrimp comes out of the bedroom and catches me on “her” iPhone –

Have you ever wondered if your kat REALLY loves you, or if they just act like it so you’ll keep handing over the food and treats?

Well, speaking as a sweet little purrincess kat myself, I can say most of the time they really DO love you – and sometimes humans just don’t understand what it means when we kats do things to show our love for you, like laying on your newspapers and books when you’re reading – or leaving a dead bug we just caught on your pillow to surprise you.

Well, here’s an example of how I show my human how much I love her – watch my paws!

Of course, that’s not the only way – I bite her too! But she usually doesn’t like that, because I still do it too hard.

(Shrimp wakes her up every morning gently licking her face and nibbling her nose and purring)- I like to wake her up racing across her and swatting at her hair!😹

If you want to learn other ways your kats may be trying to tell you they love you, check out this link the human found! 

Oops – Shrimp’s coming! Bye!



8 thoughts on “Kat Diary: Kitty Love 

  1. Lovely Twilight, do you think my Tommy the Cat shows me signs of his loves to me? I have two scratches on my forehead, the little flea-guy-of-Ipanema slept on my pillow tonight and kneaded on my head 😛
    You’re fluffy and cuddly!

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  2. I do that paw thing to my Mum at 5 in the morning. I also drool over her at the same time. I love it!
    I also do a ‘silent’ meow when I’m outside and she’s looking at me through the window. I have trained her to do it back to me.
    Humans are so pliable! 😼😹😸😺 Mol!
    Milo. xx

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