Shrimp’s Kitten Lessons; What to do when A bird flies into the house 

Greetings Fellow felines!😺 ☕️ 🐠🐟

While I was having my coffee and tuna this morning, I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve done my kitten lessons- (having two Creatures around means an extra heavy napping schedule).

 So class is in session again. Take notes!

Sometimes your humans like to open up the house fur fresh air (especially in the springtime after a long, cold winter)- or, because they’re carting tons of groceries in from the car. 

 🐟 (This is an excellent chance to dart between their feet and trip them up – it’s a shortcut to finding out whether it not they bought that t-bone steak you asked fur).

Occasionally, a lucky kat will find out that a bird has flown into the house (DELICIOUS)!

What are you supposed to do with it? Well, first – 


And second,…


And don’t furget,…

🐟 if there are other kats in the house, SHOW THEM WHO’S BOSS!

🐟 And… grab it before the humans freak out and chase it away! Flippin humans love to spoil our fun- they whine and complain about having to clean up feathers and other things).

But, if you’re lucky enough to get the tasty little fellow without them stopping you first, then you have to

🐟 decide what part to keep, and what part to give to your human of choice (IF they’re worthy of such an offering).

Then, you have to…  

🐟 decide the most strategic place to leave the human’s portion.

This needs to be a place where your humans frequently go – like the refrigerator -but chances are good that the door will be closed and you can’t open it (and they’ll never cooperate and do it fur you)- so the next best place is…  

🐟 the kitchen counter.

That serves two purposes;

1.) it gets noticed.

2.) it also subliminally tells the humans they need to cook it fur you. 

🐟 The next best place is the toilet seat. 

Most humans go there at least a zillion times a day (more if they guzzle coffee).

And last, (but not least)- the one place all humans are sure to go as soon as they can (males usually get there first)- the bed.

Happy hunting! 😺


11 thoughts on “Shrimp’s Kitten Lessons; What to do when A bird flies into the house 

  1. You have been busy Shrimp! I bring feathery things into the house when I can, and throw them up in the air. Lots of feathers everywhere! You should hear the racket my Mum makes when I do that! Mol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mol!😹 Isn’t that the BEST THING IN THE WORLD? TASTY!

      But those dang humans have it in their heads that they need to “rescue” the poor little appetizers!! Well, the next time they “rescue” my prey, I’ll “rescue” their steak!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 😼

      Liked by 1 person

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