Kat Diary: Twitchy  Twilight’s Tuesday 

Hey there! 🐹 

Twilight here- how are all you humans today? Are you all sharpening your mouse hunting skills?
The human is grooming Shrimp right now, so I POUNCED on the chance to take over her blog for a little bit! But don’t tell her, okay? She sure is GRUMPY)!
So, I want to tell you all how I start my day:

First, I always start my day cuddling up to the human who always gives us morning treats as soon as she wakes up – and then I follow her into the bathroom (which makes Shrimp really mad)- and then I run to the cat tree and paw at her while she brews her  first cup of coffee! 

(I still can’t get her to brew any for me though, no matter how cute I act)!

Then I take a bath  right after she feeds us –

And before I let her take her coffee out of the kitchen, I swipe at her are times from over the top of the Keurig to get her to play with me-  (with Shrimp glaring at me the whole time – she must think I’m really pretty because she’s always staring at me)…

Then-  (after Shrimp gets mad and goes into the bedroom to pout), I wait for the human to reach in the desk drawer for her resistance bands that she uses for her workout, so I can go into the drawer and fish for goodies to play with – then while she works out, I swipe at the bands and chew on them – 

Next, it’s time to play golf while she gets dressed and ready to go to the Creature’s house…

Then it’s back to the cat tree-

And then,….

The human puts a blanket down for me to tame- (some of those blankets are very dangerous), and she puts out ping-pong balls and other toys all over the place for me to play with before she leaves! 

And sometimes, she even leaves her resistance band in my favorite box for me to fight with!

And that’s how I start my day!

I love my new home – and even Shrimp (even though she’s always staring at me)!

Oops- gotta go! Bye!


9 thoughts on “Kat Diary: Twitchy  Twilight’s Tuesday 

  1. You have a full day my friend. You gotta see Houdini’s post this Friday in the afternoon – Paw Time with Houdini – on something mom found for him while she’s not at home. You won’t believe it! Maybe they have one for ya’ll too? You never know. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. I’m still waiting for your interview beautiful. Same questions as before – just email me the answers. I’ll make you a bigger STAR than you already are – snorts and oinks!

    Liked by 1 person

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