Kat Diary: Twitchy Twilight’s Creature Feature 

Hey there! Twilight here! 

I wanted to see what these “Creatures” are that Shrimp is so afraid of – so I decided to check it out for myself – I don’t see why she runs and hides when they come over – but I can see why she gets jealous of the human spending so much time with them.

I mean, they are kinda CUTE! 

Here’s the big Creature (the one I love to play with) – cuddling her kitty, Serafina-  then playing with the ittiest bittiest Creature – and reading next to the human while she was giving the bitty Creature its bottle. I’d love to help the human give the baby her bottle, but for some reason she just refuses to let me!

Then the big Creature saw Serafina sleeping in the baby bouncer so she covered her up with a blankie and gave gave her a toy, then covered the bouncer with a blankie so the light wouldn’t keep her awake!! She’s sweet!

And I think the bitty Creature looks adorable with her little bow in her hair and then smiling in her sleep while her Daddy holds her! And I think she’s a cute little thing -(but I’m certain that I’m cuter)!

The human always goes a little camera happy when she’s around those two – so,…

Maybe while she’s doing all that, I can find all those empty baby bottles…

Just to help wash them, of course….

Mmmmmmmm,…. Now I need a nice long nap!



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