Twilight’s Caturday Crazies 

Hey there peeps! 🐭

It’s CATURDAY! My favorite day for checking out the neighborhood and looking for new entrees – I mean, FRIENDS.  

I met two new friends this morning and wanted to invite them in for breakfast, but Mom wouldn’t let me. 

She sure knows how to spoil a cat’s fun.

Shrimp told me it wouldn’t work, but Mom’s usually a sucker for my bright blue eyes, so I tried anyway.  I hate it when Shrimp’s right.

We did have a fun day though – it was sunny and warm for a change and we loved it – (until a bunch of workers came into our backyard and cut a bunch of branches off  our giant fir tree (our secret playhouse)!

We were not happy. 

They walked all over our roof and cut the tree branches off with big noisy chainsaws and it sounded like a monster was eating our house!

We immediately ran under the bed for the next couple of hours til they were gone and everything was quiet again – we were so scared we forgot to fight!

As soon as it was quiet, I went back outside to see what had happened and I couldn’t believe how much of my nice hiding spots they had ruined! 

I wasn’t happy- but then I saw a bug – and forgot all about it – I chased him all over the backyard, but all of a sudden I knew something didn’t feel right, and I looked up and just as I suspected, the human was coming out with her iPhone to record my hunting session – so of course, I HAD to stop.  I couldn’t let her learn all my secrets!

And then of course, my juicy bug got away -so I waited till the human wasn’t looking anymore and went stalking through our neighbor’s yards – Shrimp came with me and we found so many pawsome things to get into – but there were too many people out so Shrimp got nervous and ran back into the house and that made me nervous too.

Since we’re too nervous to be out right now, I’ll just get my schedule cleared to finish up tomorrow – I think Shrimp has a good idea – napping!

       Yep – this is what Caturday is for!


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