Tuesday Tizzy Fit  

Greetings Humans!😺☕️ 

Well, the can opener was down yesterday  -(human was sick)… So she decided to stay home and sip sparkling water and read…

So the Creature's Mom stayed home from work with the littlest Creature and kept disturbing my peace with dings heralding videos and pictures of the little pint sized tornado – (yeah, I know she's "not a tornado yet"- but that's only because she can't stand on her own two feet – but SHE'S TRYING) – and I'm getting packed! 

The can opener tried to tease me with ribbons fur awhile, while the Albino Flea was outside looking fur a bug to terrorize – so I was thrilled at the idea of having the human all to my cute little self all day while that collection of fur was outside- 

Finally I tracked those tricky ribbons into the bed and I GOT THEM!! 😺

But she was having a hard time because her tummy was hurting a lot, so after about ten minutes I purrtended to lose interest so she'd rest and just snuggle me. 

Then when I was sleeping all cozy and having delightful tuna dreams, that FLEA came in and hopped up on the bed next to me and pawed at me to get me to play! 😾

(She let the tuna get away)!!!!!!!!

Of course, I made it clear in no uncertain terms that waking me up and keeping me from catching a 3 ton tuna had better NEVER happen again!

Then the human felt sorry fur that flippin FLEA! Can you believe it!!? 

(Slinks under the bed to pout) 


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