Twitchy Twilight’s Wacky Wednesday 

Hey there, peeps! 🐭🐹

Twilight here – the humans around here had some really pawful news from a furiend yesterday who is just like one of their own Creatures- (they call her their “adopted daughter -“) she was in the Emergency Room a whole state away in extreme pain and the doctors suspected a really pawful condition that would have just been too much for anyone to bear – especially someone under 25 years old. 

Read about it here –

They were all devastated and broken hearted and couldn’t think of anything but her and the pawful impact the diagnosis would have on her life and her family.

So I didn’t get a chance to grab the phone to post for today because the human was hanging on extra tight to it because they were waiting to hear the results of the MRI that would tell if that was the diagnosis or not- (a positive diagnosis would have meant emergency surgery).

Meanwhile, I  was being extra cute because I knew they were all upset and I was trying to help them stay calm. 

All the humans spent last night purraying that the diagnosis wouldn’t be anything so devastating so that she could have a chance at a normal life! 

This morning the news came back that the MRI was clear! They still don’t know what exactly is the purroblem- but she has been referred to specialists and at least now they know she will be able to recover!

Have a purrfect day!💘 


9 thoughts on “Twitchy Twilight’s Wacky Wednesday 

  1. Laurie Rowe says:

    Wonderful that the diagnosis was not what was feared. Hope a successful treatment can be implemented soon.
    You are very cute and I understand why you are exhausted. But keep up your good work. Your humans need you!

    Liked by 1 person

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