Twitchy Twilight’s Frustrating FURiday 

Hey there peeps! 🐭 

Twitchy Twilight here – boy, yesterday was so frustrating for me and Shrimp! (But worse for me)!

It started out great at first – the humans were both off and human #2 left early for a doctor appointment, and I knew when I saw human #1 sleeping past 5:00 am that it had to mean she was going to stay home with us today, and I was right!

She played with us as she had her coffee- and we loved having her here spoiling us – but we didn’t understand why she refused to let us out – even though we both gave her our most pathetic cry of desperation (at higher volume than usual)…

Then, I followed her into the kitchen where she had the window open, and I noticed my carrier was out and she picked me up to put me in it when I heard a really loud ROAR and all of a sudden something fell out of the window just as she had put me in the carrier – and I got so SCARED! 

It sounded like the house was falling apart! At the same time, the wind slammed the bedroom door and I started crying – but instead of taking me out of  the carrier, the human took me out to the car in it – in the middle of a WINDSTORM and pouring rain!

Guess where we went? That’s right – the VET!

The human has made the appointment last week because she had noticed my gums were red and inflamed and my ears had felt hot for a whole week. I also found out I had to get a leukemia Booster!  🙀

The wind outside was even worse and I got so SCARED I had an accident in my carrier and Mom didn’t know it until they took me out -(oops)!

The vet checked me out and said I’m very healthy and that my gums are “within normal range” since I’d just finished teething – so my human was relieved and I was too – until they clipped my claws and gave me a shot!

I was so HAPPY when it was time to go home – but then as soon as I got home and calmed down again…

The human gave me A BATH! 

(But then she spoiled me and gave me treats)- and now….

I sure hope that windstorm is over tomorrow so I can go out and get dirty again!!


8 thoughts on “Twitchy Twilight’s Frustrating FURiday 

  1. What a traumatic day! In twenty years of owning cats, I’ve only bathed one of mine. Sam. He was huge (over 20 pounds), and it was when we first got him. He made the most demonic noises that I vowed I’d never bathe a cat again.

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  2. Bless his poor little heart! I did that too the first time Mom bathed be (when I showed up all soaked and muddy and sick) but even though I did that, I knew she was trying to help me – I was just scared!


  3. My poor friend. That is very traumatic indeed. But in the end, we all know that you are okay and hey you got treats. That has to make up for everything, right? Sending you hogs and snout kisses.
    XOXO – Bacon

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