Kat Diary: Just Ducky 

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️ 

Shrimp here, with a delightful discovery.
I was at my favorite post in the bedroom window this morning, and I saw some visitors walking into my yard that I just HAD to meet…

Purreviously introduced by Twitchy Twilight,  our furiendly neighborhood duck couple have come back to our yard – every morning…. And they sit there all day… EVERY DAY – just looking beautiful – and DELICIOUS…. And making me want to give them the purroper welcome to our front yard –

Especially since they brought along a very fat, TASTY furiend – they call him a wild turkey! 

He just casually strolls into our yard to have a visit with the ducks (simply because he knows the human won’t let me get near him), and he struts around in the yard all day right under the bedroom window tantalizing Twilight and I and daring us to come and get him – Twilight got so excited when she smelled him the other day that she came up in the windowsill behind me and tried to push me out of the window to get a better look at Mr. Delicious and his Ducky pals.

She discovered immediately that’s she’s not the only one around here who has claws and  teeth and knows how to use them! Mol!😹 

The human didn’t like that I turned around and pounded Twitchy poo into next week – so we’re both grounded and forced to act like Flippin ANIMALS or something and play with ribbons, like good little kitties-

But that’s okay, because sooner or later, she has to leave to watch the Creatures- and when she does, it’ll be DINNERTIME!! 

Meanwhile, I’m playing nice kitty– but I’ll still be here….plotting!! 


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