Creature Feature: Invasion of the Body Snatcher


Greetings Humans! 😺 β˜•οΈ 

In all the flurry of activity around here lately,    I hadn’t realized it’s been awhile since I had to deal with the Creature the humans are so thrilled with – (I’ll never figure them out)…

But then today, that changed. 

First, the humans were gone, and Twilight was napping on the bed while I was sleeping on my throne, then suddenly something sounded funny- and it had a familiar smell that I couldn’t quite put my paws on…

Then, I sat up – and you’ll never believe what I saw right in front of my throne!

Yep! That’s right! 

It was the BABY CREATURE- the Creature’s new sister that they’ve all been talking about but I had only heard of til today!

And of course, it grinned and reached toward me with its tiny little claws and I just knew it was wanting to snatch my ears – or worse, my tail! πŸ™€

The human had brought it here to “meet” me and The Albino Flea- (we were thrilled, of course), so I rocketed under the bed at the speed of light, while Twilight just sat there was trying to figure out if she could eat it! 

It has grabby claws and chews on everything- and although the Albino Flea was leary of it, she didn’t have the brains of a flippin mosquito, because she just SAT THERE staring at it when she should’ve been running fur her life! *Shakes head*

But at least after a few minutes the human decided she had to take it back to its house to feed it, and I was relieved- because everything it touched when straight into its mouth! 

After the human left with it, I stayed under the bed fur another two hours just to make sure it wouldn’t come back and grab me, while The Albino Flea kept sniffing around looking for milk! *Idiot!*

Then, when the human came back later without it, I grabbed her iPhone to post about my nervous breakdown, and found all these pictures of the Creatures- (which I promptly deleted as any self respecting kat would)!! Mol!! 😹


I mean, really? When she could have pictures of cute little Me?


Flippin traitor. 😾


12 thoughts on “Creature Feature: Invasion of the Body Snatcher

  1. In the first image, lovely Shrimp, you’re much more splendid than the rising sun ❀
    Lily is growing the most beautiful creature to be cuddled ❀
    Big creature is a wonderful dancer!
    Pawkisses πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE your first photo – so beautiful and elegant πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    You know what…give those Creatures half a chance and the benefit of your beauty and knowledge and you could have two adoring disciples lying at your prettily patterned paws…:) xx

    Liked by 1 person

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