Kat Diary: Surprise vet visit 

Greetings Humans! ☕️

Well, I tried to hide it from the human, but she decided to clean my ears last week, and discovered in spite of all my efforts to hide it that I’m not feeling well.

She looked at my right ear first and found nothing wrong – but then she decided to check the left ear, and she saw that it hurt me when she touched it – and then she noticed it was all red inside and it was draining!

The next thing I knew, I was in a carrier headed to the vet! 

I was trying my best not to let her know I didn’t feel well, but I knew she suspected something, because she’d seen me scratching at my ear and she had noticed that noise seemed to bother me.

Well, now she has to give me ear medicine every day (which I HATE)-  and eye medicine twice a day (conjunctivitis) – (which I HATE even more)- and I was scared out of my cute little mind!

I wailed as pathetically as I could all the way to the vet, hoping the human would change her mind and furget the whole thing – but if course, she didn’t – but then I felt better as soon as I knew we were going home again…

That is, until The Albino Flea decided to come sniff me out and wanted all the juicy details!

She thought it was hilarious that I had to go to the vet and laughed at me –

Until she saw the human being out the treats! (Fur Me)! 

But then, the human couldn’t ONLY give them to me of course… (I don’t know why – it was fine with me)!

I was really upset with the human at first – but even though I hate my medicine, I’m already feeling better!

Now,… I have to find a way to get the human to take The Albino Flea back to the vet so I can  laugh at HER!! 



25 thoughts on “Kat Diary: Surprise vet visit 

  1. Herman says:

    You are in good company, my friend. I have to wash out Mr. Bowie’s left ear once a week and put ear medicine in it 3 times a week… But don’t worry, he gets treats afterwards! 😉

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  2. That’s the way to do it! I follow Herman’s approach and give Andy kitty treats after I give him his medicine. He still hates taking his medicine, but he gets pretty excited about the treats! I had to treat Dougy’s left eye for conjunctivitis before and he hate, hate, hates it, too! (I hadn’t tried the post treatment treats with him as I hadn’t figured out that trick back then, but I will use treats on Dougy in future!)

    All that said, best wishes for a quick resolution of the ear infection! Nobody likes to take or be given medicine!

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    • Oh yes they’re awful! The human knew I wasn’t feeling well when she came home the day before she noticed that my ear was all red and draining, and found that I’d thrown up three times while she was gone – (she’s treating me like a queen now – and the Albino Flea hates it)!! 😹


  3. Oh no! Poor Shrimp! We hope you’re feeling better! Here’s a boatload of BIG FAT WHALES just for you, dear furiend! Enjoy! 😺💕xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino 😺💕


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