Kat Diary; OH YAY. 

You guessed it. It was a creature kind of day…

The human brought the grabby thing over in this big contraption with wheels that almost scared the whiskers right off me! How RUDE! 

Then she took it in MY BACKYARD on a blanket and sat in the sun playing with it!

But she couldn’t get any pictures of that, because she was too busy holding it up on the air and kissing its belly and listening to it laugh- (I have to admit, even I liked hearing that – but if you tell anybody, I swear I’ll send you an industrial strength hairball the likes of which you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE)!!  😼

Then the human didn’t want it to get sunburned so she moved it into the front yard in the shade…(There went my plan fur a surprise attack)!

There the cooing and cuddling continued until I felt sick at my stomach from all that gushing…

Furtunately, even the grabby thing got tired  of it and started crying and the human said it needed a nap. My thoughts exactly! What took the moron so long to catch on?

But then……

Oh no!! On MY BED!!! WHAT THE FLEA! 🙀 

I wasn’t happy about this… But…

It worked. 
So, I guess I’ll let it slide – 

This time. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Kat Diary; OH YAY. 

  1. Oh my goodness. Cooing and all that get out with cuteness. How dare that little creature bring out the big guns. I agree. It’s kind of cute in a baby, stinky throw up kind of way. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

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