Creature Feature 

Hey Peeps! Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

The humans are all excited that the ittiest bittiest Creature can sit up all by herself now – (if you sit her up she can stay up, but she can’t pull herself up to a sitting position yet)!

She was purrty excited about it too – until she saw she had to eat asparagus, sweet potatoes and prunes for lunch instead of the big, fat baked potato (with butter and shredded cheese) that her sister was eating.

But she got over it purrty quickly (that is until the ice cream truck comes around)- because she’s all purroud of herself for being able to sit up without support – and she’s taking advantage of it!

In fact, she takes advantage of it so much that she wears herself out! (And the humans rejoice)! 😹

As for me,  I’m going to hide so I don’t wake it up – (that thing is LOUD)! 🙀



10 thoughts on “Creature Feature 

  1. Pretty little grabby thing in a pretty frock!
    I see you hiding among the strawberries Twilight.You will have to find some better places to hide. She will soon be crawling, and you’ll never know where she’ll pop up!
    Milo. xx

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