Kat Diary:  A Very NOSY Family Visits

Greetings Humans! 😺 ☕️ 

Last night Twitchy Twilight and I were bug hunting in our backyard, when we heard some curious noises – and a deep GROWL!

About the same time, the human heard someone messing around with our gate into our backyard, and came out to see what was going on –

And this is what she found –


A family of very nosy, hungry, and GREEDY RACOONS!

And those dudes actually EXPECTED our human to FEED them! 🙀

Twilight and I were frozen right where we were – and we couldn’t believe our eyes- that mama raccoon ACTUALLY GROWLED at the human! That was a big mistake – because my human don’t take attitude from ANYTHING (that isn’t a kat)! MWAHAHAHAHA! 😹

She showed that raccoon some attitude of her own, and brought Twilight and I inside (and we didn’t like it one bit, because we weren’t done bug hunting) – but she did it to keep us safe. 

 So Twilight and I raced to the bedroom window so we could watch her show those furry bandits who’s boss! 

It was quite a show – but now she’s afraid to let us out after dark – so Twilight and I are cooking up a plan…any ideas?


18 thoughts on “Kat Diary:  A Very NOSY Family Visits

  1. Racoons… 6 of them… Ohhhh… we don’t have racoons on this opposite side of the ocean 😛
    I know you believe we are crazy but the total lack of those animals here make us love them, even though they are always hungry and nosey!
    Better stay at home after sunset :mrgreen:

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    • Oh yes – a couple of days ago, one of the humans ‘ close neighbors- (2 houses down) came and asked the human if she had heard noises the night before around 1:30 am – the human hadn’t (she gets up at 5 am so she has to go to bed early).

      The neighbor said that the night before, she’d heard “awful fighting of a kat and some other kind of animal -” in the bushes beside her house. She said “it sounded like something was killing a kat “- but the other animal didn’t sound like a kat!

      She said it was so loud it woke her up and she went outside and smacked the bushes a few times with her broom to scare off the other animal – well, the next day they started smelling something really bad from inside the bushes and when they checked it out, it was a dead kat! The neighbor and my human felt pawful fur the poor kat – it had definitely fought with something other than another kat- so that’s why the human absolutely WON’T let me abs Twilight out after dark now (unless she’s out with us).

      We don’t know for sure if it was the raccoon (s) or not – but they have BRB coming around every night and the mama raccoon growls at the human without her even having done anything!

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  2. Laurie Rowe says:

    Oh my! Take care. Raccoons can be dangerous and there are 6 of them. Too many for 2 kitties, no matter how brave. You may have to stay in at night, at least for awhile, to stay safe.

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    • Why thank you! 😺 💚

      The human was glad to get a shot of them – but she’s just as purrtective of me and the Albino Flea as mama raccoon is of her babies – this is going to be interesting… (I’m going to have some popcorn and sell tickets to the neighborhood kats, because it’s going to be a good show)!!!!😹

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  3. This is truly frightening. As Sid says we don’t have them this side of the pond, so we are curious about them.
    There was a lost ferret in our garden one night. I didn’t try to fight it as it was trying to find its way home.
    Take care all of you.
    Milo. xx

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