Kat 9 News Special Report

Greetings Humans!

This is Shrimp bringing you a Special Report from Kat 9 News. 

🔹 Animals often hear their humans discussing how smart their pets are – but have you ever wondered what your pets say about you?

We sent our idiot, star reporter, Twitchy Twilight to look into it and here's what she found;

Shrimp, most of the pets I've spoken with (except for dogs- because really, what's the point?) – seem to think that their humans are definitely less intelligent than they are – and some say their pet humans are downright stupid!

Here's what one very popular kat had to say about his human…

Oh my goodness! Just think – that fish could've gotten hurt!

Next, I spoke with Snowball, who compared the way humans see things with the way we kats see things –

I mean, I hate to say it, Shrimp, but I agree with Snowball!

I really think humans just have no imagination, and they really underestimate our abilities! (Maybe because they have so few of their own).

Next I spoke with Twirp – who flat out admitted thinking humans are stupid!

Then, I spoke with Princess who described how easily she gets by with eating every fish that her human buys for the fishbowl by just tricking her into thinking the fish (es) were never there to begin with!


Thank you Twitchy – I guess that means we can assume that our humans' intelligence level is somewhat beneath ours- maybe even at the level of, well, a dog! 🙀

And that about wraps it up fur us. This has been Shrimp (and Twitchy) reporting fur Kat 9 News.

Good day.

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭


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