Tuesday Tickles

Hey there, peeps!

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

erafina and I are working together to train Lily to be a decent kat slave when she grows up (or before, if we can manage it – since she has access to all the milk she wants)…

We’ve been working together on a surprise…but today WE got the surprise!

The humans have been teaching the baby to NOT grab a handful of fur (or an ear, or a tail) and pull when she sees me or Serafina. And Lily has gotten good at (trying) to be gentle, so today the human took a video of Lily as she was close to Serafina so she could show Lily’s parents how good she’s doing.

But as it turns out, Lily was doing some teaching of her own!! 😹

Which left the humans wondering, What else is Lily teaching her?

Mwahahahaha! 🐭


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