Just Sayin’…

​​Warning: The following images are graphic in nature and may be too much fur some viewers to handle. Viewer Discretion Advised. 

No – not ME, dummy – keep looking!

I don’t know about you, but around here, any big eyed, grinning little grabby thing with tiny fingers and toes turns these humans into complete babbling idiots in seconds!

They immediately start making silly faces, doing silly things to get a reaction out of the little drool bucket, and they’d jump off a flippin CLIFF to make it stop crying.

Now, of course, I’m “just a kat”- but give me a break!  How’s a kat supposed to compete fur attention with that thing around? 

No matter how gloriously beautiful I am, the minute that little thing comes into the room, I’m furgotten! All eyes turn to the squealy thing, and it’s all over fur the kat.

See? Told ya!

*I think I’ll go barf on someone’s pillow just to remind them I’m here….*

Kat Diary: Creature  Feature 

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️ 

 The last few days around here have been stressful fur the human – so I’ve been taking a break from posting so I could make THIS idiot get some Flippin REST!

She was sad because of all that’s been going on with her furiend, and that she can’t visit her anymore because the doctors won’t allow anyone to visit- (except immediate family).

Then she got sick- (the ittiest bittiest Creature has been sick fur the last couple of weeks)-  so she has been feeling pawful fur the last several days and I decided enough is enough! 

So, I had her put everything on hold (except fur feeding and spoiling ME, of course) – and made her read and snuggle me so she can be ready to watch the Creatures again today.

Better her than me!!😹 

I mean, really – do you know what those eyes say to a kat? They say, “RUN!!” 😹 

This was at the doctor’s office – 

What the Albino Flea and I don’t understand is, why’d they bring it back?

But I don’t understand the Albino Flea, either. 

Purrsonally, I think she has a death wish – the humans think so too, because she constantly pounces on me in an effort to make me play. You’d think she’d have learned by now that that’s NOT what will happen.

Of course, I can always lock her out of the house!! 😹 MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

*just wait till the human leaves…*

Thursday Therapy: Twilight at your service

Hey there peeps! 

Twilight here! 

Got milk? 😺 Got mice? Need to clean some fish? I’m here to help!!

I do a really good job, too- you can even ask my human! 

See, a couple of mornings ago, my favorite human (the one that feeds me and grooms me), left at 7:30 in the morning to go watch the tiny grabby thing they call the Creature’s little sister.

When she left, she took out a package of rock thingies from the freezer that looked (and smelled) like STEAK and another rock thingie that looked and smelled suspiciously like CHICKEN – and she told human #2 that the rocks that looked like steak was going to be his dinner, and she was going to have the one that looked like chicken when she got home.

*I never knew humans ate rocks, but whatever…*

Well, she left, and human #2 left after awhile, so I decided to make dinner for them when they got home, since the human is always so tired at the end of the day.

I sat and glared at those rocks all day until the POWER OF MY GLARE softened those rocks, and then, (being the sweet little kitty I am), I worked really hard and unwrapped those rocks (the ones that looked like steak), and took a few big bites out of both of them to make sure they tasted right for the human -(he’s a picky eater)! 😺

Then I immediately got busy working to unwrap and test the chicken rock for my other human- but she had put that one in a weird clear force field of some kind so I couldn’t open it no matter how hard I tried- not even to taste it!

I was really disappointed that I couldn’t open and test her rock too (it seemed unfair somehow)- so, I thought about it for a while ..

…and did the next best thing- 

I dragged it to my Chewy box that I play in so she could have a nice, cozy box to eat it in!

And, that’s not even the best part! 

I even dragged the steak rocks onto the kitchen floor so that as soon as the humans got home, they’d know they could just DIG IN! 

YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN the human’s face when she got home at 5:00 and saw that I had their dinner all ready for them!

(Well, she had to look all over the place to find her chicken rock- but it’s okay, because that was part of the fun hide and seek game I’d planned for her to help her relax before dinner)! 

She was absolutely speechless at my thoughtfulness! 

So, if you need any help getting rid of that annoying milk, or butter, or whipped cream, or cleaning any fish, or dealing with chicken rocks, just dial 1.800.Twi.lite! 

(And if Shrimp answers, hang up)!

Kat Diary: Creature Feature 

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️ 

It’s baby Creature time!


Tummy time 

Singing with Daddy…


It was naptime and Daddy was trying to get things done around the house while Mommy was at work – but that didn’t work out…

Serafina had claimed the baby bouncer while Daddy was feeding baby Lily -and when she had finally fallen asleep and it was time to put her in the bouncer – Serafina wouldn’t move!

Now would Serafina really do something like that?

Of course!!! 😹 Mol!

Caturday Cuties: Critter Sitter

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️

Well, the human is grounded -again. 

She leaves me alone with Twitchy Twilight all day so she can go play with the Creature and its baby sister.

See- I caught her red-pawed yesterday when I followed her to see exactly why she was taking so long to tend to my very important feeding / grooming / playing schedule.

This is what I found –

Here’s the Creature reading to the ittiest bittiest Creature after school  – while the human records it to send to everybody on the flippin planet.
And she was there – all day long! 

So, while she’s supposed to be pampering cute little ME, she’s leaving me here with that psychotic albino flea while she coos over the baby Creature and Serafina!

Serafina says she’s the one watching the baby – (that’s why she’s so wiped out)! 😹

She says all the human does is make its bottles, feed it (several times), burp it, change it, read to it, sing to it, carry it everywhere, play with it, and take pictures of it constantly….

So I can’t understand why the human doesn’t feel like playing with me when she gets home. You’d think she’d already be in the mood to play after doing it all day. 

*flippin human*

Creature Feature: A SERIOUS discussion with Serafina 🙀

Well, I just realized when I was talking with Serafina today, that the poor thing had no idea what’s about to turn her house (even more) upside down than it already is.

*Shakes head*

Here’s reason #1 (that the house is turned upside down)….

Yep. The Pink Tornado (who is now in second grade)- 

And here’s reason #2 & 3-


Until today, poor innocent Serafina thought that the Pink Tornado was the only Creature she’d have to deal with – she just thought her human had swallowed a watermelon (she does eat a ton of that stuff)…. And she thought her human kept buying all those itty bitty baby clothes fur the Creature’s doll!

      *Hey, Serafina! Where’d ya go!?*

Oops- maybe I should’ve let her figure it out fur herself….

Oh well – time fur my nap!