Monday – Again!

Well, it’s Monday again!

I wonder if I just ignore it, would it go away?

I’ve had a pawsome weekend – I had the humans all to myself, and we played so much!

Of course, play got interrupted a few times because of a tornado came bursting through the living room…

Poor Shrimp… Even after death she’s not safe from the clutches of the ittiest bittiest Creature!

But it eventually left because apparently even TORNADOES need to eat! 🙀

And when it was gone, and the damage was repaired, the humans and I went right back to playing!

And now, it’s time for my favorite hobby –

Napping! 💤


From beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Greetings Humans! 🐾

This is Shrimp “reporting” from beyond the Rainbow Bridge!


Shrimp (May 2009- October 11, 2017)

As most of you know, I’ve gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

The humans are still hurting and I know a lot of you are also. Fur just a few minutes I’m going to set aside my normal Cattitude – (yes, I still have Cattitude)- and talk to you humans about my final days as the “spoiled brat Queen” of my house.

Yes, I suffered before I died. But it wasn’t because I was abused or neglected, like some other kats.

They took excellent care of me – even when it made me mad! And what I want you to remember is thanks to my human’s great love fur me, I’m not suffering any more!

In fact, I see things differently now that I went over the Rainbow Bridge – things that I couldn’t see or understand before.

(But I still hate dogs)…

Here’s what happened…

The day the human took me to the Animal Hospital, I had seemed purrfectly fine that morning. The human hadn’t noticed anything wrong- She fed me my favorite Fancy Feast, and went on with her usual Sunday morning routine.

But she was getting ready to groom me, and she looked at my face as I laid on the back of the loveseat, and thought something didn’t look quite right – then she noticed I was breathing really hard and fast.

She didn’t really know what to do, so she kept checking on me every few minutes and started trying to get my vet on the phone. Apparently the vet was not answering calls on the weekends, so she started calling every vet clinic she could find and when she still couldn’t get hold of anyone, she decided to bring me to my vet the next day.

She called the Creature’s Mom and Dad and said she had to stay home the next day to get me to a doctor- (I was nervous, but glad she would be staying with me – she didn’t know it, but I was scared)!

Finally, a few hours later, it was getting harder for me to breathe, and the human noticed I wouldn’t eat or drink, and hadn’t moved all day, and she began to be afraid that if she couldn’t get me checked by vet QUICK, I may not make it till the next day.

And that’s when I saw it – the light started to go out of my human’s eyes, and though she tried to keep a light tone to her voice, I knew she was starting to crack. I tried really hard not to let her know how miserable I felt – but we’ve always had an extra special bond with each other, and she just knew.

Soon after that, she took me to the Animal Hospital.

That place was scary! I was really struggling to breathe, and the human was struggling to keep it together (neither of us was very successful).

They took me away from my human and wouldn’t let her come with me for the exam – that really bothered her because she wanted to stay with me.

After awhile, the doctor came back and said they thought I had pneumonia – and they gave me antibiotics, and fluids and a couple of hours later let me go home with my human (with more antibiotics).

The human hoped and expected that by later Monday afternoon I would be feeling at least a little better – and she watched me carefully. She stayed home with me and made me baby food and tried to get me to drink water like the vet said -but still wasn’t seeing improvement.

When Tuesday came and went, and I seemed to be even more miserable, she told the Creature’s parents and they gave her the whole week off so she could stay with me and take care of me. Every couple of hours she kept trying to get pedialyte and water into me with an oral syringe from the vet – because they had told her to be sure I was getting water and food so I wouldn’t start having worse problems.

When it was time for me medicine and fur her to give me fluids, she would look at me struggling to breathe, and knowing I just wanted to be left alone, and that moving me made my breathing even more difficult – it was so hard fur her to pick me up and keep trying to push the medicine and fluids, but she kept doing it because she didn’t want to take away my only hope of getting better.

At the time, I didn’t like it – but I knew she was trying to help me.

She held me and stroked me, and told me how much she loved me and kept things quiet fur me, and kept telling me how precious I am to her. She thought I didn’t notice it, but I could hear tears in her voice.

I had gotten up and walked away after she gave me my last dose of antibiotics Tuesday night -(even though I only managed to get to a pillow under the desk by the loveseat where she had been holding me)- and she was at the end of her rope.

Her heart was broken at seeing me struggle so hard to breathe – and knowing that there was nothing else she could do to help me.

She had been crying on and off all that day and her eyes were swollen. She got herself a cup of tea, and sat on the couch, purraying fur me, and started to cry like I’d never heard before. Now my heart was breaking. Because I knew I was dying – but now I understood that she knew it too – and I couldn’t tell her that I didn’t want to leave her either.

Ever since my human adopted me, there have only been a few times I’ve heard her cry… But when I did, I always rushed to her, and stretched my paw up to touch her, and I’d trill at her and snuggle up in her lap top comfort her.

This time, she wailed – I’d never heard her do that beforeand I couldn’t bear knowing she was hurting so badly, so with all the strength I could muster, I came out from under the desk to go to her and comfort her as I always had before – but I was too weak to hop up onto the loveseat – so I just walked over and collapsed at her feet. Then she sat down on the rug beside me – and stayed with me.

She stayed up as long as she could with me – not wanting to leave me. When she did go to bed finally, I followed her (but she didn’t know it).

The morning I “died”

Wednesday morning, the human woke up and called me – but of course, I didn’t come. I knew I was at the end, and I was hiding under the head of the bed.

She looked fur me and saw me – and was relieved that I was still alive – (I now know she had woke up every morning afraid to look fur me – because of what she might find).

She noticed that my breathing was worse – and my eyes weren’t as open as before – but she still needed to take care of Twilight, so she decided to do that and then come get me out from under the bed for my medicine.

But soon she heard me let out a long, loud wail from under the bed, and she dropped everything and came to me.

She gently slid me out from under the bed, but immediately noticed that it made my breathing harder and I wailed again – but now she knew that I was only getting worse – not better – and she placed me in a carrier to take me back to the hospital.

That was the last place I ever went with my human.

Once again, they took me away from her and led her to a purrivate room to wait fur the doctor to come talk to her.

When the Vet came in, the human already knew what she was going to say. She had gotten little sleep since I’d gotten sick, and was exhausted and heartbroken already. The Vet told her there was nothing they could do fur me and confirmed what she had felt all along, but refused to accept.

I was dying and was in pain. The human couldn’t bear me being in pain, so even though it hurt her so much she asked them to take away the pain.

The Vet laid me on the human’s lap and then gave us a few minutes alone to say goodbye -(but the human was the only one talking)- and when I wailed again, the human called for them and the vet came in and told her what would happen.

They gave me a shot to relieve the pain and I immediately felt better, but was still unable to breathe – the next shot relaxed me and made me go to sleep.

Then, another shot stopped my heart.

The human fell apart as she saw me take my last breath;  but it got worse when at that very second, blood began pouring out of my nose onto her – and bile from under my tail.

The technicians came quickly and took her from me to clean me up fur her and give her a few minutes to calm down.

As soon as they left the room, she tried to clean up the blood from her hands and clothes and the floor -and an assistant came and told her they would take care of it. She sat down after scrubbing her hands, and cried as though it was the end of the world –

But what she didn’t know, was that I am still ALIVE. My body died- but I myself and still alive – and no longer in pain!

That’s when something happened that stunned her fur a minute – and made everything much easier fur her to bear –

God let me show her that I was alive (in spirit)- she looked up and saw me fur a split second sitting on the counter, and I simply looked at her and said “Thank you.”

It stunned her – and she stopped  crying – and was comforted, because she realized that no matter how much I had gone through, it was now over – I’m not suffering anymore – and in that one glance I also let her know that I knew she was trying everything she could to spare  me and make me well. And that I love her and have loved being her Baby . She knew I was thanking her fur letting me go and fur not forcing me to suffer alone.

They brought me back to her all cleaned up (in a kitty coffin) – (which made the tears start up again)- and gave her this to remember me by –


My Pawprints!

Fur all you humans out there who have lost a beloved (Spoiled brat) pet- know that they are no longer in pain. And they never furget you and your efforts to take care of them and nurse them back to health. All of us up here at the Rainbow Bridge want you to know we are watching out fur you – and not to keep mourning our “loss!”

We don’t want our beloved human pets to go on mourning us-   we want you to be relieved that our pain is forever over. Never again will we suffer, be sick, be diseased, be injured, afraid, abused or neglected.

Shoot! There’s not even any FLEAS up here! 😺

What it’s like over the Rainbow Bridge

Here, the grass and flowers spring right back when we lay on them, play with them or eat them! The Rainbow is more beautiful than anything on earth – and has colors in it that have never been seen on earth!

And it rains here (fur those of us kats who, like me, love to play in the rain)- but up here, we never get wet and cold! And there are big trees to climb, but we no longer get scared when we climb to the top – and there are no kat fights here (unless in play), because we kats aren’t jealous or afraid of other kats encroaching on our territory here!

There are no dangerous storms or tornados or hurricanes, or fires- nor any speeding cars or  even any mean humans.

There are insects and birds and bunnies and butterflies everywhere for us kats to catch and play with – and mice and squirrels too – but up here, when we play with them, they don’t get hurt! They even enjoy playing with us because they aren’t afraid of us anymore!

And there are rivers and streams full of fish that swim toward us to play! There are no loud vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers or trucks, it is peaceful and beautiful.

One more thing we want you to know –

We can still visit you! (But you may think it’s just your imagination)- just so you know – it isn’t! 😹

So please – don’t grieve any longer – we want our humans who’ve loved and cared fur us and rescued us to be happy – because we are!



Greetings Humans! 😺 ☕️

Twitchy and Serafina and I are just plain exhausted!

You already know that the human’s schedule has drastically changed, and that it’s been almost impossible to find a chance to blog (because I’m constantly guarding my cute, fluffy tail and ears from the little grabby thing)… But guess why?

Because now it can CRAWL!!!!!🙀



See how exhausted Serafina is? She’s so tired of dodging the little grabby thing all day, that she didn’t even notice she’s sleeping it is bathtub!!!!! 😹

And Twitchy just stays on the kat tree to be as high as she can –

They made a play area fur the little Creature to keep it safe while it’s playing and to keep it from wrecking the house- (good luck with that)!

But somebody let it out!

Run fur your lives!! 🙀

Shrimp’s Back Porch Report

Greetings Humans!😺☕️Yep – you read that right. Today my report is from the back porch.

We are surrounded by wildfires, and the air around here is thick with smoke – no one is going outside – even the creatures! The human didn’t let me or Nut Bucket stay out either after she took this picture – she’s worried about the smoke affecting our lungs. This has been going on fur days. I’ve been bored out of my cute little mind – so I’ve even started playing with the Albino Flea!

That is, until she makes me mad…

Then she goes to the kat tree and starts pawing at the human to make her play and to get her sympathy! (Spoiled brat kat)!

Of course, the human always feels sorry fur the little flea…

Until she gets a look at my angry eyes glaring at her, then she decides the little furry brat had it coming!! 😹 MOL!

This is how the moon looked last night –

It looked bright red orange fur about the first couple of hours (before the human thought to take a picture)- and the color didn’t come out very well with the iPhone camera – but every night lately it’s looked like a creepy Halloween moon – and the air is thick and heavy.

I miss going outside and showing the neighborhood kats who’s boss- but there’s no way the human is going to let us out again until the air clears- so I’m going to be teaching the Albino Flea some manners meanwhile – let’s hope she learns quickly!

Sunday Creature Feature

Hey there, peeps!

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

Well, the Creature’s Dad is still recovering from his car accident, and he is having (worse) pain in his ribs and is supposed to be getting lots of rest –

But the ittiest bittiest Creature didn’t get the memo and hasn’t given him purrmission to take time off!

She’s making sure she keeps a close eye on her daddy, and she’s also “training” Serafina in her spare time (in between learning to talk, learning how to crawl, experimenting with different cry volumes, learning how to paint with her food, and testing everyone’s reflexes and speed when she’s playing).

Here she’s testing how quickly the humans can respond to her rearranging Serafina’s fur –

And at the grocery store, she’s once again testing everyone’s reaction time by seeing how many things she can grab from the shelves before they catch her.

Poor little Critter works so hard, she’s just exhausted at the end of the day!

And speaking of exhausted, so is Shrimp!

She was sick for the last two days and the humans are relieved that she’s better now, and so am I- because now I can harass her again – I mean, PLAY with her again!! 😹

Kat Diary: Creature Feature and Update

Greetings Humans! 😺☕️

I’ve had my paws full around here lately keeping the human calm after the accident the Creatures’ dad had —

She has been with the creatures every day since (even on the weekend and when they went to church)- because he has had constant pain in his ribs and back – and when he takes a deep breath or stands, or holds the ittiest bittiest Creature!

(Picture from a few weeks ago)

He went back to the doctor today so they could take some x-rays and make sure he didn’t have any broken ribs, and he doesn’t! He just got hit really hard and it’s going to take a long time to heal.

Meanwhile, the human is trying to help with the creatures as much as possible so he can rest (and because his medicines make him sleepy).

Speaking of creatures,…

This was a peek -a-boo session while the human was feeding them breakfast the other day –

Then later, playtime at the doctor’s office –

I guess Twitchy and I aren’t the only ones who love crinkley paper!! MOL!😹

I know I haven’t been able to post much lately – but I miss every one of you!

Hopefully things will settle down soon so I get get back to my very important kat business!! 😺