Its Twilight’s Fault

Greetings Humans!😺☕️

Twilight's been running around with her tail straight up feeling like she's the boss since she "rewarded the human" with a disgusting, "fresh mouse" for combing burrs out of her fur when she was naughty and went to the stream (where she KNOWS she's not supposed to go)!

The human bought her the new collar because the little toast crumb managed to lose the one she had- not to reward her for going to the stream. 😾

I've about had it with that little nutbucket-

She is so flippin proud of herself for getting that dumb mouse- and everybody knows the human won't eat a mouse anyway- she much prefers bugs.

How do I know?

Because I catch them fur her, and wait until she's half asleep in the morning, putting her empty coffee cup under the Keurig, waiting fur her coffee to brew while she pours cereal into our dish and kibble into her bowl, and then I accidentally "drop" a fly, moth, or whatever the special of the day is right into her mug. 😸

See- Twitchy Twilight's got nothing on me!! Mol! 😹

I think it's time I teach little Twitchypants a thing or two about trying to get attention away from adorable little me.

May the best Kat (me) win.

Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!! 😹

Twilight’s Special “Thank You”

Hey Peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here!

Boy am I exhausted! WHAT A BATTLE!

Remember yesterday when I told you how special the human made me feel when she combed the burrs out of my fur and crowned me with a beautiful new collar?

Well, I had said that maybe today I'd catch her a nice juicy dragonfly or mouse to reward her – and….

I did!! 😺 I am so PURROUD OF MYSELF!


I've never seen her so overcome with joy! She was downright SPEECHLESS!

And boy, she must've been STARVED, because I had hardly laid it down in front of her, and before I could start washing my paws, he was GONE without a trace!

Not bad for a human!

But just between you and me, I think she needs help – because she sterilizes everything constantly since I came to live with her – and the sad part is, she really doesn't need to – I already cleaned him up for her before I brought him inside!

Hmm. Poor human.

Maybe I need to do this more often so she can lighten up a little. 🐭

Shrimp’s Front Porch Report

Greetings Humans!😺☕️

Things have been hectic around here with all the creatures and noisy skateboards from the neighborhood creatures, and lawnmowers and weed-eaters, and DOGS – and garbage trucks and flippin sprinklers-

So I've done what any normal purranoid kat would do, and started hiding behind the plants and bushes where I can watch these morons, HUMANS from a safe distance until I can figure out what evil plans they're all dreaming up fur me.

🦋 So this is my Front Porch report… 🦋

In the early mornings, I sit on the front porch with the human as she has her coffee and devotion, and it's quiet and peaceful and the squirrels and birds come out to invite me to breakfast, and I love it!

But just as I'm about to take them up on their generous offer, it happens –

Some moron dog somewhere opens a gate and all of a sudden every creature in the world is swarming around MY yard!

It starts with the little creatures coming out to play and scream, and then the bigger neighborhood creatures start roaming up and down the streets, (accompanied by their drooling DOGS) – and staring at their cell phones while they cruise on skateboards or bikes, not even glancing up for a second to watch where they're going.

I've patiently watched (with popcorn) to see whether or not they were going to cruise right into the back of a bus, or into a tree trunk while they're so mesmerized by that thing purrmanently attached to their hands, but so far no such luck.

Just my luck. *sigh*

Well, tomorrow's another day.

Oooooooooh!! BREAKFAST!! 😻

Thursday Therapy – Ways we kats are just like you (but better)

Greetings Humans!😺☕️

You know, I had a thought occur to me today as I was going after Twitchy Twilight – mid scratch – I mean, as we were playing…

It occurred to me that aside from having lovely fur, and MUCH HIGHER INTELLIGENCE, whiskers – we kats are more like you humans than you realize –

Here's a few examples fur ya –

1.) We are jealous as heck

We NEED to know where our can openers –

HUMANS are at all times.

2.) We love to get into trouble

– We have along list of things to do just like you.

3.) We always, sometimes, MIGHT,

– We help out around the house if there's something in it fur us

4.) We also search fur slaves, servants, can openers

ROOMMATES on the internet.

5.) We fall in love, get married, fight

SEARCH FUR A MATE just like you do.

6.) We're into sports, playing ball, being fit

– WATCHING STUFF – just like you.

7.) We also know an idiot when we see one,


Your Kats’ Weekend plans 

Greetings Humans!😺 

Shrimp here – reminding you all that just as you humans like to plan fun things on your weekends, we kats do too – and you might be surprised at some of the activities we plan…

Fur example;

Visiting the local milk bar. 😺

Going to the (kat) spa.

Catching some rays.

Helping a furiend.

Going fishing. *licks chops*

Checking out the fridge.

Grabbing a quick treat- (or two, or a bucket full)!

Having a sleepover. 💤

Visiting the local village idiot.

And of course, napping!

Have a pawsome weekend!

        🐠 Photos courtesy of Pinterest 🐠

Those flippin dogs…

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

I’ve been thinking and thinking, and I’ve even discussed it with Serafina, (and yes, even the little albino flea, Twilight)- and I still can’t figure out why you humans just insist on having dogs.  

Were you all dropped on your head as babies, or what?

I mean, dude! REALLY?

*Shakes head*

       🐭 Memes courtesy of Pinterest 🐭