Those Dog-gone Dogs –

Aren’t gone! 

I try to be a very sweet and tolerant Kat – really, I do.

But fur heaven’s flippin sake, if there’s one thing on this earth I just can’t understand, it’s those overgrown, overstuffed, over-excited slobberbuckets called dogs.

They are concrete purroof that there is UNINTELLIGENT life on other planets.

(And they can come back fur their lost aliens anytime they want)!

I mean, if these are examples of what’s out there in the universe, we’re in worse trouble than I thought!

Check it out, dudes –

Crazy glue indeed! Mol! ๐Ÿ˜น 

Thank Heavens we kats rule the world!

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Kat Diary: Here we go again!

Well, as if there’s not enough Creatures around here, guess what?

Yep. You guessed it. The human got a message from one of their grown Creatures that she’s purregnant! ๐Ÿ™€

She already has a three year old kat nightmare running around terrorizing every kat in the neighborhood – and he’s getting ready to train the new one when it gets here in September!

Don’t let that “innocent” face fool ya!

This is BAD NEWS fur us kats! I keep trying to warn Twitchy Twilight, but that little Albino Flea totally missed out in the brain department, and when I tell her how much trouble these creatures can be for us kats, she laughs!

Flippin moron fleabag!

I mean, there’s already the Creature here – and it’s new baby sister… 

Look at them plotting together! And the ittiest bittiest Creature can’t even talk yet! 

And just look into those bright eyes – 

How can any kat look into those Creature eyes and not feel a wave of panic coming on? 

That’s why I’m calling Serafina and Twitchy Twilight to an emergency conference so we can figure out a way to get these humans SPAYED!

But first I have to get them up,…

Thursday Kat Diary / Therapy

Greetings humans! ๐Ÿ˜บ โ˜•๏ธ

So, I didn’t post yesterday- the human was on day 9 with pain in her head and neck- (a pulled muscle in her neck / shoulders). 

The doctor told her not to work out-(except fur biking or walking)- fur a while because she was having a constant headache and was barely even able to read (because looking down was painful)…  

He also lightly mentioned the “possibility” that she could have bleeding in her head since the headache started the day after her neck injury and was severe enough that she had a hard time functioning fur that whole week. 

So he told her to rest, and take muscle relaxers and if it wasn’t gone or significantly better “in five days,” he would have her go to the hospital fur a kat scan to make sure there wasn’t something worse causing the headache.

I volunteered to do the Kat scan fur them, but the doctor didn’t go fur that. ๐Ÿ˜น

Anyway, the human’s neck still hurts, but the headache is barely there now-(because I took such good care of her)-  so now I can quit babysitting that whiny human and get back to my normal (very important) Kat schedule.

I’ll let Twitchy Twilight take over fur a bit with entertaining the human, so I can get some much needed therapy. Wanna join me?

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The Purroblem with Humans

You know, sometimes you humans drive a Kat flippin CRAZY.

Like fur example, when you start teasing us with ribbons and make us think we’re going to play fur a few hours, and then after only flippin minutes, you decide you need to finish washing the dishes.

Or, when you take ice cold food out of the refrigerator to feed us without warming it in the microwave first, and serving it with the customary katnip garnish. 

Or, when you ignore us to hunt fur Pokemon, or play Angry Birds while we’re sitting there staring at you and wanting attention.

Here are some other ways you humans are messing up:

And one more thing….. 

Whats up with this nonsense of petting OTHER KATS? ๐Ÿ˜พ *just sayin*
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Shrimp’s Musingsย 

Sometimes I just don’t understand those flippin humans!

The other day, the human walked into the Creature’s house early in the morning, and Serafina was tossing a bird around in the kitchen – she was being very careful to be a good kitty and leave plenty of evidence of purrty blue feathers all over the place to demonstrate to her humans what a fierce huntress she is – and I was SO PURROUD of her!

But the humans felt pawful fur “the poor little Blue Jay!” 

What a purrize it was! 

But fur some reason, the humans wouldn’t let her keep it!๐Ÿ˜พ

Serafina was so purroud of herself! She was going to lay it on her Daddy’s pillow, but they wouldn’t let her do it.

That got me thinking. Humans think we kats just lay around and sleep all day (and eat)- when we do something to show them what we’re capable of, they freak out! What the flea!! 

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