Tuesday Tickles

Hey there, peeps!

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

erafina and I are working together to train Lily to be a decent kat slave when she grows up (or before, if we can manage it – since she has access to all the milk she wants)…

We’ve been working together on a surprise…but today WE got the surprise!

The humans have been teaching the baby to NOT grab a handful of fur (or an ear, or a tail) and pull when she sees me or Serafina. And Lily has gotten good at (trying) to be gentle, so today the human took a video of Lily as she was close to Serafina so she could show Lily’s parents how good she’s doing.

But as it turns out, Lily was doing some teaching of her own!! 😹

Which left the humans wondering, What else is Lily teaching her?

Mwahahahaha! 🐭


Kat Diary: Saint Serafina

Hey Peeps! 🐭

Twitchy Twilight here!

Shrimp told me to watch after everyone for her – and to help Serafina train the creatures.

So today when my human left to take care of the baby Creature, I decided to follow so I could keep an eye on things.

I found Serafina sleeping on the job –

But don’t worry – it didn’t last long – (nobody sleeps for long over there)!

Serafina was working hard to keep the ittiest bittiest Creature in her safe area – when she started to crawl away from it, Serafina went to the blue bin the baby likes to bang on and play in – (to attract her back to it) – but the tricky part is escaping again before the baby gets close enough to grab her!

That worked for awhile – until a little later…


Poor little Serafina! This happens all day long – the ittiest bittiest Creature keeps the human, Serafina, and everyone else hopping all day long – no wonder the human is so exhausted when she gets home!

I think I’ll go catch her a bird for a a her hard work today – she deserves a treat!

(Serafina can catch her own – but my poor human couldn’t catch a bird of it was tired to her arm)!! 😹

Monday Creature Feature!

Hey there, peeps! 🐭

It's cute little me – Twitchy Twilight!

I've been running all over the neighborhood trying to keep up with the Creature and the little grabby thing and help the human watch after them – man, do they keep her busy!

The little grabby thing is learning how to eat something that doesn't come in a bottle now, and some of her favorite foods are Blueberries and pears –

When the human feeds her, she'll usually eat whatever she's given, but whenever she gives her pears and Blueberries, the grabby thing opens her mouth wide and strains to bring her mouth to the spoon –
and then grabs the spoon right out of her hand! 😹

So, she painted herself and the kitchen and the human in Blueberries and pears – and needed a bath!

She had so much fun!

And of course, the human had to stop everything and take pictures!

Isn't she cute- (for a human)?

And these are pictures of them playing outside together:

They always have fun – until the grabby thing cries – then the Creatures also starts crying!

But the Creature loves to cook with her Parents, so she gets distracted easily from her crying!

Look at her kitty apron!

I wonder if she can make Fancy Feast?

Kat Diary; OH YAY.Β 

You guessed it. It was a creature kind of day…

The human brought the grabby thing over in this big contraption with wheels that almost scared the whiskers right off me! How RUDE! 

Then she took it in MY BACKYARD on a blanket and sat in the sun playing with it!

But she couldn’t get any pictures of that, because she was too busy holding it up on the air and kissing its belly and listening to it laugh- (I have to admit, even I liked hearing that – but if you tell anybody, I swear I’ll send you an industrial strength hairball the likes of which you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE)!!  πŸ˜Ό

Then the human didn’t want it to get sunburned so she moved it into the front yard in the shade…(There went my plan fur a surprise attack)!

There the cooing and cuddling continued until I felt sick at my stomach from all that gushing…

Furtunately, even the grabby thing got tired  of it and started crying and the human said it needed a nap. My thoughts exactly! What took the moron so long to catch on?

But then……

Oh no!! On MY BED!!! WHAT THE FLEA! πŸ™€ 

I wasn’t happy about this… But…

It worked. 
So, I guess I’ll let it slide – 

This time. *sigh*

Kat Diary: Here we go again!

Well, as if there’s not enough Creatures around here, guess what?

Yep. You guessed it. The human got a message from one of their grown Creatures that she’s purregnant! πŸ™€

She already has a three year old kat nightmare running around terrorizing every kat in the neighborhood – and he’s getting ready to train the new one when it gets here in September!

Don’t let that “innocent” face fool ya!

This is BAD NEWS fur us kats! I keep trying to warn Twitchy Twilight, but that little Albino Flea totally missed out in the brain department, and when I tell her how much trouble these creatures can be for us kats, she laughs!

Flippin moron fleabag!

I mean, there’s already the Creature here – and it’s new baby sister… 

Look at them plotting together! And the ittiest bittiest Creature can’t even talk yet! 

And just look into those bright eyes – 

How can any kat look into those Creature eyes and not feel a wave of panic coming on? 

That’s why I’m calling Serafina and Twitchy Twilight to an emergency conference so we can figure out a way to get these humans SPAYED!

But first I have to get them up,…

Creature Feature: Invasion of the Body Snatcher


Greetings Humans! 😺 β˜•οΈ 

In all the flurry of activity around here lately,    I hadn’t realized it’s been awhile since I had to deal with the Creature the humans are so thrilled with – (I’ll never figure them out)…

But then today, that changed. 

First, the humans were gone, and Twilight was napping on the bed while I was sleeping on my throne, then suddenly something sounded funny- and it had a familiar smell that I couldn’t quite put my paws on…

Then, I sat up – and you’ll never believe what I saw right in front of my throne!

Yep! That’s right! 

It was the BABY CREATURE- the Creature’s new sister that they’ve all been talking about but I had only heard of til today!

And of course, it grinned and reached toward me with its tiny little claws and I just knew it was wanting to snatch my ears – or worse, my tail! πŸ™€

The human had brought it here to “meet” me and The Albino Flea- (we were thrilled, of course), so I rocketed under the bed at the speed of light, while Twilight just sat there was trying to figure out if she could eat it! 

It has grabby claws and chews on everything- and although the Albino Flea was leary of it, she didn’t have the brains of a flippin mosquito, because she just SAT THERE staring at it when she should’ve been running fur her life! *Shakes head*

But at least after a few minutes the human decided she had to take it back to its house to feed it, and I was relieved- because everything it touched when straight into its mouth! 

After the human left with it, I stayed under the bed fur another two hours just to make sure it wouldn’t come back and grab me, while The Albino Flea kept sniffing around looking for milk! *Idiot!*

Then, when the human came back later without it, I grabbed her iPhone to post about my nervous breakdown, and found all these pictures of the Creatures- (which I promptly deleted as any self respecting kat would)!! Mol!! 😹


I mean, really? When she could have pictures of cute little Me?


Flippin traitor. 😾

Thursday Therapy / Kat Diary

Greetings Humans. β˜•οΈ

 I don’t know about you, but Serafina and Twilight and I need some serious therapy! 

(Well, Twilight needs more than therapy, but I don’t know what)! 😹

Wondering why 3 spoiled kats would need therapy? 

Here ya go!

That’s it! ⬆️ ⬇️ 

Yep. Once a Creature comes along-(especially those itty-bitty baby ones), a Kat better run fur the hills!

After that, all the attention goes straight to the little cooing Thing- and nobody takes time to play with the Kat anymore, because they’re too exhausted from playing with the baby creature all day!

Or, the OTHER Creature decides to play with the Kat, and out come the Barbies that want a horsey ride, and the nail polish, and the doll clothes, and the sidewalk chalk to “take the kats’ pawprints!” πŸ™€ (I kid you not)….

And, there’s the purroblem of furgetting to FEED the Kat!!


But then there are Kats like Serafina- who has appointed herself Royal Bodyguard to Her Highness, Purrincess Lily. πŸ‘‘

She doesn’t go outside much anymore- because she purrfers to stay inside so she can watch over Lily and make sure she’s okay. 

Here she is in the picture above, guarding (and testing)- Lily’s rocking chair so it’ll be nice and warm and work purroperly -when the humans rock her in it. 

And, of course, she has to make sure her play area meets the strictest kat standards!😸

Really, I don’t know how Serafina does it- giving up all the bird and squirrel hunting and only giving them death glares from the window when she’s not teaching the baby’s Mom and Dad how to do things- but she must not mind it too much, because every chance she gets, she’s checking on the baby. 

Besides, she knows that while she’s staying inside training the humans, those birds and squirrels are getting fatter and juicier every day- and sooner or later, training will be over! YUM!! 😹