Monday Creature Feature!

Hey there, peeps! 🐭

It's cute little me – Twitchy Twilight!

I've been running all over the neighborhood trying to keep up with the Creature and the little grabby thing and help the human watch after them – man, do they keep her busy!

The little grabby thing is learning how to eat something that doesn't come in a bottle now, and some of her favorite foods are Blueberries and pears –

When the human feeds her, she'll usually eat whatever she's given, but whenever she gives her pears and Blueberries, the grabby thing opens her mouth wide and strains to bring her mouth to the spoon –
and then grabs the spoon right out of her hand! 😹

So, she painted herself and the kitchen and the human in Blueberries and pears – and needed a bath!

She had so much fun!

And of course, the human had to stop everything and take pictures!

Isn't she cute- (for a human)?

And these are pictures of them playing outside together:

They always have fun – until the grabby thing cries – then the Creatures also starts crying!

But the Creature loves to cook with her Parents, so she gets distracted easily from her crying!

Look at her kitty apron!

I wonder if she can make Fancy Feast?

Shrimp & Twilight’s   Caturday Capers 

Greetings Humans! 😺 ☕️ 

Twilight and I spent the day being our usual cool, adorable selves, chasing dragonflies and butterflies and I played Gargoyle being the lookout while Twitchy Twilight went to spy on The Creature and the ittiest bittiest Creature to see how Serafina is surviving life with the tiny grabby thing.

But I caught her just lounging instead in the backyard… so I dispatched her again to go spy on the creatures and Serafina, and after awhile she hadn’t returned so I went looking fur her – 

And I found her in the house playing with the human while I was toiling all day in the hot sun being a gargoyle playing lookout fur her!  *Sharpens claws* 

But then, I saw that she was having fun, so I decided I was entitled to a break from all my hard work, so I started playing  too- (why should she have all the fun)?

And when we were done playing, I checked the human’s iPhone, and discovered Twilight HAD spied on them (and the results were disappointing)- as it turns out, appurrently Serafina is adjusting quite well to the little grabby thing…

Here she is in the grabby thing’s bed! TRAITOR! 😾

And just look at this – the Creature’s already teaching the ittiest bittiest Creature how to harass us kats! The little thing isn’t even eating solid food yet! 🙀

And from the looks of it, the grabby thing is LOVING her plots…

Oh great.
I think I’m going to call the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation)- we need some serious help here! 

Creature Feature 

Hey Peeps! Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

The humans are all excited that the ittiest bittiest Creature can sit up all by herself now – (if you sit her up she can stay up, but she can’t pull herself up to a sitting position yet)!

She was purrty excited about it too – until she saw she had to eat asparagus, sweet potatoes and prunes for lunch instead of the big, fat baked potato (with butter and shredded cheese) that her sister was eating.

But she got over it purrty quickly (that is until the ice cream truck comes around)- because she’s all purroud of herself for being able to sit up without support – and she’s taking advantage of it!

In fact, she takes advantage of it so much that she wears herself out! (And the humans rejoice)! 😹

As for me,  I’m going to hide so I don’t wake it up – (that thing is LOUD)! 🙀


Creature Feature: Attack of the Cute 

Greetings Humans 😺☕️

 Well, don’t tell anyone, but that littlest Creature is starting to grow on me –

There’s just that look in her eyes…

And the way she loves her Sneetches –

And those funny faces…

​And how she makes everyone happy – even Serafina!

Great. Just GREAT. This is bad news for my reputation with the other kats around here – geez! *sigh*

Kat Diary; OH YAY. 

You guessed it. It was a creature kind of day…

The human brought the grabby thing over in this big contraption with wheels that almost scared the whiskers right off me! How RUDE! 

Then she took it in MY BACKYARD on a blanket and sat in the sun playing with it!

But she couldn’t get any pictures of that, because she was too busy holding it up on the air and kissing its belly and listening to it laugh- (I have to admit, even I liked hearing that – but if you tell anybody, I swear I’ll send you an industrial strength hairball the likes of which you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE)!!  😼

Then the human didn’t want it to get sunburned so she moved it into the front yard in the shade…(There went my plan fur a surprise attack)!

There the cooing and cuddling continued until I felt sick at my stomach from all that gushing…

Furtunately, even the grabby thing got tired  of it and started crying and the human said it needed a nap. My thoughts exactly! What took the moron so long to catch on?

But then……

Oh no!! On MY BED!!! WHAT THE FLEA! 🙀 

I wasn’t happy about this… But…

It worked. 
So, I guess I’ll let it slide – 

This time. *sigh*

Just Sayin’…

​​Warning: The following images are graphic in nature and may be too much fur some viewers to handle. Viewer Discretion Advised. 

No – not ME, dummy – keep looking!

I don’t know about you, but around here, any big eyed, grinning little grabby thing with tiny fingers and toes turns these humans into complete babbling idiots in seconds!

They immediately start making silly faces, doing silly things to get a reaction out of the little drool bucket, and they’d jump off a flippin CLIFF to make it stop crying.

Now, of course, I’m “just a kat”- but give me a break!  How’s a kat supposed to compete fur attention with that thing around? 

No matter how gloriously beautiful I am, the minute that little thing comes into the room, I’m furgotten! All eyes turn to the squealy thing, and it’s all over fur the kat.

See? Told ya!

*I think I’ll go barf on someone’s pillow just to remind them I’m here….*