Kat Diary; OH YAY.Β 

You guessed it. It was a creature kind of day…

The human brought the grabby thing over in this big contraption with wheels that almost scared the whiskers right off me! How RUDE! 

Then she took it in MY BACKYARD on a blanket and sat in the sun playing with it!

But she couldn’t get any pictures of that, because she was too busy holding it up on the air and kissing its belly and listening to it laugh- (I have to admit, even I liked hearing that – but if you tell anybody, I swear I’ll send you an industrial strength hairball the likes of which you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE)!!  πŸ˜Ό

Then the human didn’t want it to get sunburned so she moved it into the front yard in the shade…(There went my plan fur a surprise attack)!

There the cooing and cuddling continued until I felt sick at my stomach from all that gushing…

Furtunately, even the grabby thing got tired  of it and started crying and the human said it needed a nap. My thoughts exactly! What took the moron so long to catch on?

But then……

Oh no!! On MY BED!!! WHAT THE FLEA! πŸ™€ 

I wasn’t happy about this… But…

It worked. 
So, I guess I’ll let it slide – 

This time. *sigh*

Just Sayin’…

​​Warning: The following images are graphic in nature and may be too much fur some viewers to handle. Viewer Discretion Advised. 

No – not ME, dummy – keep looking!

I don’t know about you, but around here, any big eyed, grinning little grabby thing with tiny fingers and toes turns these humans into complete babbling idiots in seconds!

They immediately start making silly faces, doing silly things to get a reaction out of the little drool bucket, and they’d jump off a flippin CLIFF to make it stop crying.

Now, of course, I’m “just a kat”- but give me a break!  How’s a kat supposed to compete fur attention with that thing around? 

No matter how gloriously beautiful I am, the minute that little thing comes into the room, I’m furgotten! All eyes turn to the squealy thing, and it’s all over fur the kat.

See? Told ya!


*I think I’ll go barf on someone’s pillow just to remind them I’m here….*

Kat Diary: Creature Β FeatureΒ 

Greetings Humans!😺 β˜•οΈ 

 The last few days around here have been stressful fur the human – so I’ve been taking a break from posting so I could make THIS idiot get some Flippin REST!

She was sad because of all that’s been going on with her furiend, and that she can’t visit her anymore because the doctors won’t allow anyone to visit- (except immediate family).

Then she got sick- (the ittiest bittiest Creature has been sick fur the last couple of weeks)-  so she has been feeling pawful fur the last several days and I decided enough is enough! 

So, I had her put everything on hold (except fur feeding and spoiling ME, of course) – and made her read and snuggle me so she can be ready to watch the Creatures again today.

Better her than me!!😹 

I mean, really – do you know what those eyes say to a kat? They say, “RUN!!” 😹 

This was at the doctor’s office – 

What the Albino Flea and I don’t understand is, why’d they bring it back?

But I don’t understand the Albino Flea, either. 

Purrsonally, I think she has a death wish – the humans think so too, because she constantly pounces on me in an effort to make me play. You’d think she’d have learned by now that that’s NOT what will happen.

Of course, I can always lock her out of the house!! 😹 MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

*just wait till the human leaves…*

It Kat Diary: Update

Greetings Humans. πŸ˜Ίβ˜•οΈ

The human has been upset (still) about her furiend (a fellow Kat lover like herself) who has 9 kats of her own and was found unresponsive and taken to ICU and is now in Hospice care. (Don’t worry- the kitties are being well cared fur and are not going to be abandoned).

Her furiend is still alive, but the doctors gave her massive doses of antibiotics and steroids and she is now alert- (but still “close to the end).”

The humans are a little miffed though, because when she woke up and discovered what had happened to her and where she was, and that she is now in Hospice care “close to the end”- she of course, fell apart and started to cry. 

Then they informed her that she should “try not to cry” because “she could die!” 

Now, if YOU were in that situation, and burst into tears upon hearing how dire your condition was, what’s the first thing you’d feel like doing?

Of course, she’s afraid- and now she has the fear compounded by knowing that if she cries and sobs, her condition will immediately worsen and she can die.

And, the human can’t go and visit her because she also has lung cancer (but that wasn’t the reason for her being unresponsive- COPD was)- and she has a compromised immune system, and since the human had been taking care of the Creature and its baby sister while they’re sick, she can’t risk making her furiend worse.

Meanwhile, the littlest creature is feeling better-


Which is great fur her- but apparently Serafina’s packing it up! 😹

MOL!!!! πŸ˜‚

Creature Feature: Invasion of the Body Snatcher


Greetings Humans! 😺 β˜•οΈ 

In all the flurry of activity around here lately,    I hadn’t realized it’s been awhile since I had to deal with the Creature the humans are so thrilled with – (I’ll never figure them out)…

But then today, that changed. 

First, the humans were gone, and Twilight was napping on the bed while I was sleeping on my throne, then suddenly something sounded funny- and it had a familiar smell that I couldn’t quite put my paws on…

Then, I sat up – and you’ll never believe what I saw right in front of my throne!

Yep! That’s right! 

It was the BABY CREATURE- the Creature’s new sister that they’ve all been talking about but I had only heard of til today!

And of course, it grinned and reached toward me with its tiny little claws and I just knew it was wanting to snatch my ears – or worse, my tail! πŸ™€

The human had brought it here to “meet” me and The Albino Flea- (we were thrilled, of course), so I rocketed under the bed at the speed of light, while Twilight just sat there was trying to figure out if she could eat it! 

It has grabby claws and chews on everything- and although the Albino Flea was leary of it, she didn’t have the brains of a flippin mosquito, because she just SAT THERE staring at it when she should’ve been running fur her life! *Shakes head*

But at least after a few minutes the human decided she had to take it back to its house to feed it, and I was relieved- because everything it touched when straight into its mouth! 

After the human left with it, I stayed under the bed fur another two hours just to make sure it wouldn’t come back and grab me, while The Albino Flea kept sniffing around looking for milk! *Idiot!*

Then, when the human came back later without it, I grabbed her iPhone to post about my nervous breakdown, and found all these pictures of the Creatures- (which I promptly deleted as any self respecting kat would)!! Mol!! 😹


I mean, really? When she could have pictures of cute little Me?


Flippin traitor. 😾

Thursday Therapy (I need it)!

Greetings Humans! πŸ˜Ίβ˜•οΈ

I know my post is late today- but it’s Twilight’s  fault! No- SERIOUSLY!!

I mean, look at this face- does she look calm to you? 


Try living with that little flea!!

And then there’s the human taking so much time with the Creatures….


And good heavens, by the time the human gets home I’m ready to shred that albino flea-

But I settle fur shredding the mail instead…(until she leaves again)! MWAHAHAHAHA!!

Kat Diary: Twitchy Twilight’s Creature FeatureΒ 

Hey there! Twilight here! 

I wanted to see what these “Creatures” are that Shrimp is so afraid of – so I decided to check it out for myself – I don’t see why she runs and hides when they come over – but I can see why she gets jealous of the human spending so much time with them.

I mean, they are kinda CUTE! 

Here’s the big Creature (the one I love to play with) – cuddling her kitty, Serafina-  then playing with the ittiest bittiest Creature – and reading next to the human while she was giving the bitty Creature its bottle. I’d love to help the human give the baby her bottle, but for some reason she just refuses to let me!

Then the big Creature saw Serafina sleeping in the baby bouncer so she covered her up with a blankie and gave gave her a toy, then covered the bouncer with a blankie so the light wouldn’t keep her awake!! She’s sweet!

And I think the bitty Creature looks adorable with her little bow in her hair and then smiling in her sleep while her Daddy holds her! And I think she’s a cute little thing -(but I’m certain that I’m cuter)!

The human always goes a little camera happy when she’s around those two – so,…

Maybe while she’s doing all that, I can find all those empty baby bottles…

Just to help wash them, of course….

Mmmmmmmm,…. Now I need a nice long nap!