Greetings Humans! 😺 ☕️

Twitchy and Serafina and I are just plain exhausted!

You already know that the human’s schedule has drastically changed, and that it’s been almost impossible to find a chance to blog (because I’m constantly guarding my cute, fluffy tail and ears from the little grabby thing)… But guess why?

Because now it can CRAWL!!!!!🙀



See how exhausted Serafina is? She’s so tired of dodging the little grabby thing all day, that she didn’t even notice she’s sleeping it is bathtub!!!!! 😹

And Twitchy just stays on the kat tree to be as high as she can –

They made a play area fur the little Creature to keep it safe while it’s playing and to keep it from wrecking the house- (good luck with that)!

But somebody let it out!

Run fur your lives!! 🙀


Sunday Creature Feature

Hey there, peeps!

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

Well, the Creature’s Dad is still recovering from his car accident, and he is having (worse) pain in his ribs and is supposed to be getting lots of rest –

But the ittiest bittiest Creature didn’t get the memo and hasn’t given him purrmission to take time off!

She’s making sure she keeps a close eye on her daddy, and she’s also “training” Serafina in her spare time (in between learning to talk, learning how to crawl, experimenting with different cry volumes, learning how to paint with her food, and testing everyone’s reflexes and speed when she’s playing).

Here she’s testing how quickly the humans can respond to her rearranging Serafina’s fur –

And at the grocery store, she’s once again testing everyone’s reaction time by seeing how many things she can grab from the shelves before they catch her.

Poor little Critter works so hard, she’s just exhausted at the end of the day!

And speaking of exhausted, so is Shrimp!

She was sick for the last two days and the humans are relieved that she’s better now, and so am I- because now I can harass her again – I mean, PLAY with her again!! 😹

Kat Diary: Creature Feature and Update

Greetings Humans! 😺☕️

I’ve had my paws full around here lately keeping the human calm after the accident the Creatures’ dad had —

She has been with the creatures every day since (even on the weekend and when they went to church)- because he has had constant pain in his ribs and back – and when he takes a deep breath or stands, or holds the ittiest bittiest Creature!

(Picture from a few weeks ago)

He went back to the doctor today so they could take some x-rays and make sure he didn’t have any broken ribs, and he doesn’t! He just got hit really hard and it’s going to take a long time to heal.

Meanwhile, the human is trying to help with the creatures as much as possible so he can rest (and because his medicines make him sleepy).

Speaking of creatures,…

This was a peek -a-boo session while the human was feeding them breakfast the other day –

Then later, playtime at the doctor’s office –

I guess Twitchy and I aren’t the only ones who love crinkley paper!! MOL!😹

I know I haven’t been able to post much lately – but I miss every one of you!

Hopefully things will settle down soon so I get get back to my very important kat business!! 😺

Twilight’s Special “Thank You”

Hey Peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here!

Boy am I exhausted! WHAT A BATTLE!

Remember yesterday when I told you how special the human made me feel when she combed the burrs out of my fur and crowned me with a beautiful new collar?

Well, I had said that maybe today I'd catch her a nice juicy dragonfly or mouse to reward her – and….

I did!! 😺 I am so PURROUD OF MYSELF!


I've never seen her so overcome with joy! She was downright SPEECHLESS!

And boy, she must've been STARVED, because I had hardly laid it down in front of her, and before I could start washing my paws, he was GONE without a trace!

Not bad for a human!

But just between you and me, I think she needs help – because she sterilizes everything constantly since I came to live with her – and the sad part is, she really doesn't need to – I already cleaned him up for her before I brought him inside!

Hmm. Poor human.

Maybe I need to do this more often so she can lighten up a little. 🐭

Kat Diary: Twilight Times

Hey there Peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here!

A couple of days ago, the human got home from work and noticed that my cute glow -in – the – dark collar wasn't on me when I came inside for the day.

And then she saw all the burrs stuck in my fur- (oops)-

I didn't tell her where I'd been, but somehow she figured out that I'd gone to a stream nearby so I could go fishing and duck hunting!

I tried not to let her know, because I didn't want her to be upset that I didn't catch her a fish or a duck, but I think what gave it away was that my paws were wet, and when I hopped up onto the bed to clean all the burrs off myself, they were all left behind, and some I couldn't get to myself, so she combed them out for me.

That was so sweet of her, and then she went out right away and bought me a new collar!

Isn't it purrty?

It's white satin with a white velvet bow (and a shiny silver bell)!

It made me feel so special – because after she combed all the burrs out of my fur, and bought me the new collar, she cuddled me and gave me treats and played with me!

So when she decided to change the sheets on the bed today, I had to show her how happy I was by making sure to leave a fresh deposit of fur and burrs on the clean bedding – just to remind her of our special day, and to let her know I didn't forget.

I was very careful not to miss a spot, since the human worked so hard to get the bed all clean and fresh and smooth out all the wrinkles –

I mean, it would be a shame to let all that effort go unappurreciated!

Maybe tomorrow I'll bring her a nice tasty mouse or a dragonfly to say thank you.

But for now, I see that I missed a spot on her pillow – I have to share some of my fur so she'll sleep better tonight.

Goodnight! 🐭

Shrimp’s Front Porch Report

Greetings Humans!😺☕️

Things have been hectic around here with all the creatures and noisy skateboards from the neighborhood creatures, and lawnmowers and weed-eaters, and DOGS – and garbage trucks and flippin sprinklers-

So I've done what any normal purranoid kat would do, and started hiding behind the plants and bushes where I can watch these morons, HUMANS from a safe distance until I can figure out what evil plans they're all dreaming up fur me.

🦋 So this is my Front Porch report… 🦋

In the early mornings, I sit on the front porch with the human as she has her coffee and devotion, and it's quiet and peaceful and the squirrels and birds come out to invite me to breakfast, and I love it!

But just as I'm about to take them up on their generous offer, it happens –

Some moron dog somewhere opens a gate and all of a sudden every creature in the world is swarming around MY yard!

It starts with the little creatures coming out to play and scream, and then the bigger neighborhood creatures start roaming up and down the streets, (accompanied by their drooling DOGS) – and staring at their cell phones while they cruise on skateboards or bikes, not even glancing up for a second to watch where they're going.

I've patiently watched (with popcorn) to see whether or not they were going to cruise right into the back of a bus, or into a tree trunk while they're so mesmerized by that thing purrmanently attached to their hands, but so far no such luck.

Just my luck. *sigh*

Well, tomorrow's another day.

Oooooooooh!! BREAKFAST!! 😻