Creature Feature

Hey there peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here…..<<
rafina and the human had their paws full today – the Creature wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school (sore throat), so the human spent her day talking care of both of them –

And Serafina decided to have mercy on her and help her, which was a good thing because I was getting into mischief at home and the littlest Creature can WALK now and loves to keep the human hopping all day…(which is why the human is all "played out" by the time she gets home… and why I got into mischeif today)! 😸

See? That little Creature can get into trouble before you can blink an eye!

But she likes to "help" too- here she was "helping with the laundry -"

And here she was trying to remove those pesky sequins from the Creature’s top….

Holy Fleabags! No wonder that human never wants to play after 5:00!

Just hearing about me makes me want to run under the bed and hide….

But that would take effort…. πŸ’€


Tuesday Tickles

Hey there, peeps!

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

erafina and I are working together to train Lily to be a decent kat slave when she grows up (or before, if we can manage it – since she has access to all the milk she wants)…

We’ve been working together on a surprise…but today WE got the surprise!

The humans have been teaching the baby to NOT grab a handful of fur (or an ear, or a tail) and pull when she sees me or Serafina. And Lily has gotten good at (trying) to be gentle, so today the human took a video of Lily as she was close to Serafina so she could show Lily’s parents how good she’s doing.

But as it turns out, Lily was doing some teaching of her own!! 😹

Which left the humans wondering, What else is Lily teaching her?

Mwahahahaha! 🐭

Greetings from Beyond (the Rainbow Bridge)!

Greetings Humans – 😺

Shrimp here wishing you all a Happy New Year from Beyond the Rainbow Bridge! ‘m still hanging around- (I have to keep an eye on things around here, because these humans don’t have the brains of a flippin Banana)!

Well, tomorrow the littlest Creature (the loud , I mean LOUDEST – one) – I mean grabbiest one – is going to be a whole YEAR old!

ank goodness I'm invisible now so she can't grab me anymore!

And the Albino Flea is downright pathetic – <<
e's actually wearing a little bow now (I thought I raised her better than that)!

And although she's doing a good job of keeping the human occupied, she's not doing the most important things I taught her -(you know, chasing dogs out of the neighborhood, training kittens to be respectable kats, and shredding the couch).

However, she finally got the idea of nipping at the human's feet in the morning to get her breakfast sooner (after only 3 months of me talking to her in dreams)!

*shakes head * <

t least she remembers to NEVER act like she likes the toys the human buys fur her – she's careful to only play with them while the human's gone!! 😹

Maybe there’s hope fur her yet!