Shrimp’s Front Porch Report

Greetings Humans!😺☕️

Things have been hectic around here with all the creatures and noisy skateboards from the neighborhood creatures, and lawnmowers and weed-eaters, and DOGS – and garbage trucks and flippin sprinklers-

So I've done what any normal purranoid kat would do, and started hiding behind the plants and bushes where I can watch these morons, HUMANS from a safe distance until I can figure out what evil plans they're all dreaming up fur me.

🦋 So this is my Front Porch report… 🦋

In the early mornings, I sit on the front porch with the human as she has her coffee and devotion, and it's quiet and peaceful and the squirrels and birds come out to invite me to breakfast, and I love it!

But just as I'm about to take them up on their generous offer, it happens –

Some moron dog somewhere opens a gate and all of a sudden every creature in the world is swarming around MY yard!

It starts with the little creatures coming out to play and scream, and then the bigger neighborhood creatures start roaming up and down the streets, (accompanied by their drooling DOGS) – and staring at their cell phones while they cruise on skateboards or bikes, not even glancing up for a second to watch where they're going.

I've patiently watched (with popcorn) to see whether or not they were going to cruise right into the back of a bus, or into a tree trunk while they're so mesmerized by that thing purrmanently attached to their hands, but so far no such luck.

Just my luck. *sigh*

Well, tomorrow's another day.

Oooooooooh!! BREAKFAST!! 😻