Kat FURiday Funnies

Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger & Pinterest


Kat FURiday Funnies: Cattitude, Dude!

Greetings, humans!😺 ☕️ 

Why am I not looking at the camera? Because I flippin don’t want to! 

I am, of course, her Royal Highness, Shrimp – master of my house, yard, humans, neighborhood, and anywhere else my cute little paw touches. 

Okay, so MAYBE I (might) have a little bit of cattitude – (maybe). 

But hey, I’m not the only one…. (I’m just the most entitled)! 😺 

    🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭

Kat FURiday Funnies (or) If kats could talk…

You know, you humans furget sometimes that we kats miss you and get lonely when you’re gone all day.

I mean, after all, a kat’s schedule can only allow for so much mischief, and then even WE have to take a break. 

And that’s when you’re supposed to be home to tell us how beautiful we are, how lucky you are to serve us, how you couldn’t live without us, (blah, blah, blah)- and then serve us a big dish of wild caught tuna.

Well, you’re lucky we “can’t talk.”  Because if we could, you might not like what we’d say!

Fur example…

Now be good little humans and feed the Kat! 😸

  🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭