Kat Purroblems

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Caturday Crankies

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️

Well, it’s Caturday finally, and I’m just thrilled.

The Keurig quit working and the human isn’t happy. And, she tried to call the Keurig customer service number today to get the issue resolved, and the customer service office is closed because of Hurricane Harvey!

She went out tonight to get another coffee brewer so she can have coffee in the morning when we all wake up, and Twilight and I are still trying to decide if it stays or not – I guess that depends on how fast she’ll get a cup of coffee brewed when she wakes up.

We’ll see.

Well, enjoy your Caturday! And stay the heck away from wildfires! 💖

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Greetings Humans! 😺 ☕️

I’ve been away fur a few days – (you wouldn’t believe the things a kat has to put up with around here) – I decided to get away before all their craziness could rub off on me, and now I’m rested, and ready to take on the whole bunch of nut jobs!So, how do you like my new look? 😺Twitchy Twilight measuring herself… It works better if you actually look at the tape! Let’s see what my other pals are up to this morning…

Someone’s weight loss goals aren’t going that well.Mol! 😹 I’ll have to try that!Oh! Those poor little kittens need my purrfessional help with those scales…Nobody ever believed me, either!

See? I’ve said all along that nobody needs a dog! Should’ve listened! 😹

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Thursday Therapy

Hey Peeps! Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

It's been a long, busy week around here, so I decided we all need some therapy to get us through to the weekend.

My purrsonal favorite therapy is golf and ping pong with the human- (I'm a much better player than she is)!

But laughing is good therapy too- so let's try some! ❤️

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