And the Paper Wars rage on…

Greetings Humans! 😺 ☕️ 

Twitchy Twilight still just doesn’t get it – she has it stuck in that that triangle shaped head of hers that all this nice, fun paper is just fur her. 

Even after all my discussions with her! I think she thinks that if she ignores me long enough, maybe I’ll begin to think she’s right – the little flea brain!

Every time I pounce on the paper to entertain myself, here comes that little Albino Flea out of the flippin woodwork to try to run me right off it – but I’m not going anywhere! 

Look – I mean just LOOK at how she tunnels inside the Paper and tries to hide so she can scare me out of it! But I can always tell she’s there -just lurking under the surface…

And when the human tries to play with me, out pops that little white head and she plows right into my path like a flippin BULL!!

And the next thing I know, the battle’s -on again to defend my rights to MY PAPER!

–and my TOYS, and my treats, and my human!

Hey – I have an idea! Maybe I can stuff her into a suitcase and pack her off fur “summer camp!!” 😺

I’m sure they have one in the North Pole … 😼