Sunday Fuzzball Funnies

Hey there, peeps! 🐭

Twitchy Twilight here with some Sunday Fuzzball Funnies to start your day! I took a break from posting yesterday, because the human was having a lot of pain and needed me to work full time to cheer her up.

And, a friend of hers who is in a nursing facility in hospice care has taken a turn for the worst and the doctors are saying she only has a few hours left… That’s hard for the human to deal with right now – especially so close to Shrimp’s going over the Rainbow Bridge~

So, being the good kitty that I am, I spent yesterday staying close to the human and giving her lots of snuggles – and now I want to make her smile.

You should get a cup of coffee and join us!

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emes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭


Monday Creature Feature!

Hey there, peeps! 🐭

It's cute little me – Twitchy Twilight!

I've been running all over the neighborhood trying to keep up with the Creature and the little grabby thing and help the human watch after them – man, do they keep her busy!

The little grabby thing is learning how to eat something that doesn't come in a bottle now, and some of her favorite foods are Blueberries and pears –

When the human feeds her, she'll usually eat whatever she's given, but whenever she gives her pears and Blueberries, the grabby thing opens her mouth wide and strains to bring her mouth to the spoon –
and then grabs the spoon right out of her hand! 😹

So, she painted herself and the kitchen and the human in Blueberries and pears – and needed a bath!

She had so much fun!

And of course, the human had to stop everything and take pictures!

Isn't she cute- (for a human)?

And these are pictures of them playing outside together:

They always have fun – until the grabby thing cries – then the Creatures also starts crying!

But the Creature loves to cook with her Parents, so she gets distracted easily from her crying!

Look at her kitty apron!

I wonder if she can make Fancy Feast?

Kat Diary: Sleepy Sunday 

Greetings, Humans. 😺☕️

Its been an interesting day around here.

The Albino Flea with her new collar- it even glows in the dark so the humans can find her even if she doesn’t want to be found . It breaks my flippin heart… MOL!! 😹

Adorable little ME grooming myself after a hard battle with that pyschotic, suicidal ribbon that’s been stalking me all day.

Then, The Human had a very busy, stressful day, and found out a furiend of hers is in ICU and is non responsive and not expected to live.

Twilight purraying for her furiend.. 

Now exhausted and sleepy…