Tuesday Tickles


Tuesday Tickles: Ways we kats think just like you 

Greetings humans. 😺 ☕️ 

I always get such a kick out of the way you humans act sometimes when you see us kats do something that you would do if you were a Kat – (you know, like looking over at the sleeping dog and swiping at him with your claws just fur the fun of it)-

Or, like when we give you an expression that says exactly how we feel about your menu choices. You always look so shocked that we can express your feelings so well.

Well, just so you know, we kats think just like you. The only difference is, we keep our quiet, which is why we get cuddled and given treats and nip, and you humans get sued- fur example, look at your Purresidential candidates. *Just sayin.* 

Here are a few examples:

See? We kats are more like you than you think!! 😹 
     ðŸ¹ Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐹