Its Twilight’s Fault

Greetings Humans!😺☕️

Twilight's been running around with her tail straight up feeling like she's the boss since she "rewarded the human" with a disgusting, "fresh mouse" for combing burrs out of her fur when she was naughty and went to the stream (where she KNOWS she's not supposed to go)!

The human bought her the new collar because the little toast crumb managed to lose the one she had- not to reward her for going to the stream. 😾

I've about had it with that little nutbucket-

She is so flippin proud of herself for getting that dumb mouse- and everybody knows the human won't eat a mouse anyway- she much prefers bugs.

How do I know?

Because I catch them fur her, and wait until she's half asleep in the morning, putting her empty coffee cup under the Keurig, waiting fur her coffee to brew while she pours cereal into our dish and kibble into her bowl, and then I accidentally "drop" a fly, moth, or whatever the special of the day is right into her mug. 😸

See- Twitchy Twilight's got nothing on me!! Mol! 😹

I think it's time I teach little Twitchypants a thing or two about trying to get attention away from adorable little me.

May the best Kat (me) win.

Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!! 😹

Twilight’s Special “Thank You”

Hey Peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here!

Boy am I exhausted! WHAT A BATTLE!

Remember yesterday when I told you how special the human made me feel when she combed the burrs out of my fur and crowned me with a beautiful new collar?

Well, I had said that maybe today I'd catch her a nice juicy dragonfly or mouse to reward her – and….

I did!! 😺 I am so PURROUD OF MYSELF!


I've never seen her so overcome with joy! She was downright SPEECHLESS!

And boy, she must've been STARVED, because I had hardly laid it down in front of her, and before I could start washing my paws, he was GONE without a trace!

Not bad for a human!

But just between you and me, I think she needs help – because she sterilizes everything constantly since I came to live with her – and the sad part is, she really doesn't need to – I already cleaned him up for her before I brought him inside!

Hmm. Poor human.

Maybe I need to do this more often so she can lighten up a little. 🐭

Shrimp & Twilight’s   Caturday Capers 

Greetings Humans! 😺 ☕️ 

Twilight and I spent the day being our usual cool, adorable selves, chasing dragonflies and butterflies and I played Gargoyle being the lookout while Twitchy Twilight went to spy on The Creature and the ittiest bittiest Creature to see how Serafina is surviving life with the tiny grabby thing.

But I caught her just lounging instead in the backyard… so I dispatched her again to go spy on the creatures and Serafina, and after awhile she hadn’t returned so I went looking fur her – 

And I found her in the house playing with the human while I was toiling all day in the hot sun being a gargoyle playing lookout fur her!  *Sharpens claws* 

But then, I saw that she was having fun, so I decided I was entitled to a break from all my hard work, so I started playing  too- (why should she have all the fun)?

And when we were done playing, I checked the human’s iPhone, and discovered Twilight HAD spied on them (and the results were disappointing)- as it turns out, appurrently Serafina is adjusting quite well to the little grabby thing…

Here she is in the grabby thing’s bed! TRAITOR! 😾

And just look at this – the Creature’s already teaching the ittiest bittiest Creature how to harass us kats! The little thing isn’t even eating solid food yet! 🙀

And from the looks of it, the grabby thing is LOVING her plots…

Oh great.
I think I’m going to call the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation)- we need some serious help here! 

Tuesday Tattletail 

Hey Peeps! 

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

The human says all of you purrobably think we all fell off the face of the earth because Shrimp hasn’t posted for awhile – well guess what? 

I’m going to tell you WHY! (Just don’t tell Shrimp I tattled on her)! 

See, really the humans are all doing fine – except our favorite human (the one who feeds us, and brushes us and spoils us), has been so busy for the last couple of weeks, that she has to schedule time to BREATHE!

Why? Well, because in addition to her quarterly business thingies, and her usual running the house, cleaning, cooking, etc, there’s this-

And this….

And they keep her busy all day so when she gets home sometimes she can barely keep her eyes open through dinner!


Wanna know why Shrimp hasn’t been posting? 

Well, a few days ago, the human got home and let us outside, and told us she had to get up at 5 am the next day to watch the little grabby thing, so we’d have to come inside no later than 10:00.

As soon as we were outside, Shrimp said, “She’s not my real mom! I’m gonna go see my boyfriend!” 🙀
And she DID!! ALL 19 OF THEM!

So, the poor human waited up (half asleep) way past 10:00, and Shrimp finally came home at 12:30! 

And when she came home, she had burrs in her fur, and needed a bath. 

Well, the human wasn’t about to give her a bath at 12:30 am, so she had to wait till she got home the next day – and Shrimp didn’t like it at ALL! 

So, she HID the human’s iPhone! 

(And was chatting with her 19 boyfriends on it from under the bed)… Until the human finally figured out why she couldn’t find her phone and took it back, while I just pretended not to know anything, and investigated the big feather thingie that suddenly appeared!

Uh oh…

It looks like some of Shrimp’s boyfriends want to have a word with the human! 🙀

Gotta go!

Kat Diary: The Paper Wars

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️ 

I slept in this morning because the human is off from watching the ittiest bittiest Creature fur this week and it felt good to just keep snuggling with her while she slept  – laying on her pillow- across her face – kneading my paws on her cheek – I don’t know why she woke up so grumpy… 😹

Anyway, instead of waking up at 5:00 am, she slept until she was ready to get up, then I raced her to the kitchen fur breakfast.

It took furever though fur her to get around to feeding us, thanks to that flippin Keurig that always gets her full attention before anything else…

Twilight and I have plans fur that turquoise chunk of plastic – but first we have to settle what the human calls “the Paper Wars!”

See, Twilight thinks that the big 14 ft long piece of paper that came in our Chewy box a couple of days ago with our kitty litter order is Hers –

But I have seniority -(and I’m cuter)- so I say it’s MINE.

We tried talking about it – then Twilight committed the unpardonable (kat) sin-

Playing with MY PAPER!


But unfurtunately, the human won’t give us treats if we keep fighting – so fur now, we’ve “come to an understanding…”

(Until she’s gone again)!