Life with the Kat

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Twilight’s Life Lessons (for Busy Kats)

Hey there, peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here, and I’ve decided to address the issue that was dearest to Shrimp’s heart-

(Okay, well, not DEAR – but important enough for her to send me lightening bolts from beyond the Rainbow Bridge if I don’t cooperate).

And that is the issue of DOGS and their place in a Kat’s life.

See, some kats tolerate dogs (mainly because they don’t have a choice), and they enter into a continual battle to prove themselves more valuable to their humans.

Others are determined that no flea – bitten dog is going to outshine them, and have developed a talent for putting those dogs in their place…

And some kats are PROS At reminding those dogs who’s boss!

Of course, every now and then, a kat is a little, shall we say, special in the brain department, and the dog (s) are victorious –

* Shakes head *

And some kats are so superior to those poor, brainless mutts, that they don’t even bother with the “battle”- they simply set up their throne and watch the dogs whimper.

And believe it or not, there are even a few extra gracious kats that are somewhat sympathetic to the poor, dumb walking mops. (Bless their fluffy little hearts)!

And there are still other kats that flat out hire attorneys to sue the dumb things.

And even more kats, sadly, have given up and accepted the dogs in their lives as a necessary evil – kind of like vet appointments, or flea medicine.

Meanwhile, the dogs plot on…

(Unless they’re smart – then they get the heck out of the way)-

And the kats win.

However, those dumb dogs just keep the battle going….

Bring it on.

Kat Diary: Creature Invasion!

Oh my fleas!

Right when I thought it was safe to stretch out on the humans’ bed and enjoy a long, peaceful nap in the sunbeams, I heard the sound every Kat (in his right mind) dreads…

A baby approaching!

I had hoped I was wrong, but no- the human brought the littlest creature HERE!

And of course, she wasted no time in claiming my toys!

She shook them and threw them and carted them around…then she took my measuring tape (my FAVORITE toy), and dragged it everywhere while I watched nervously from the top of the kat tree- I’ve always liked the littlest creature, but now it can WALK AND COME AFTER ME!

With weapons!

And there’s some strange hold she has over Serafina – she follows her everywhere!

And she even plays with her!

But before she could put me under her spell too, the human took her away for a long walk- thank goodness!

Purrsonally, I’d rather take on a tiger!

Kat Diary: The human needs toys

I just keep sitting there watching…. and wondering.

I’m starting to think the human has been spending too much time with those loud grabby things –

Every morning and every night when she comes home she immediately grabs my toys and starts playing with them, waving dangling fishes in front of my face and rolling my golf balls and ping pong balls all over the place and dragging ribbons across the back of the couches and across the floors.

I honestly don’t know what her purroblem is!

It’s like she thinks I’ve been hogging her toys all day and she wants to make sure I can’t play with them when she’s home.

Pathetic, really!

I hope she doesn’t do the same thing with the loud grabby things…..

She must have done the same thing with the littlest creature, because it found big sister’s homework folder (probably while the human was chasing its ball all over the place)-

But look at that! It got it back!

Good luck hanging on to that ball….

Kat Diary: What’s Wrong with Muddy Paws?

It’s the Albino Flea here (more like the almost drowned flea)!

This weekend was so purrfect for me and the human – (at first). She dropped everything else so that she could spend it just enjoying me and human #2.

And they played with me and we had lots of cuddle time together.

But then, I slipped out the door when human #2 (who she calls the Hubster) left to check the mail, and she called me to come back, but it was POURING RAIN and all these big, juicy, delicious BIRDS were outside looking for worms, and they were just daring me to come get them…

Well, I couldn’t let them get by with that, so out I went!

But later, when I came in- the human saw that I was drenched and my paws were all muddy (but I was happy), and for some reason she decided I wasn’t wet enough, and then…

Before I knew what hit me, she had trimmed my claws and took me RIGHT TO THE SINK “for a bath!”

I told her I’d already had a shower, but for some reason that wasn’t good enough.

I got a little scared – but something made me remember that first time I ever came inside the house – that time too, it had been pouring rain and I had been sick and covered with fleas and I hadn’t expected her to take me in her house and put me in water and bathe me. Until then, I hadn’t known what a bath was!

But I remembered how that although I’d fought and cried, she kept bathing me – then she tenderly dried me off and snuggled me and talked to me and soon I realized that she wasn’t trying to hurt me, she was taking care of me and then she gave me treats and made me her very own purrincess!

Once I remembered that, I wasn’t afraid anymore – and now my paws aren’t muddy and I’m warm and cozy and I have a whole new appurrreciation for her.

I think I just may adopt her! 💖

Creature Feature

Hey there peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here…..<<
rafina and the human had their paws full today – the Creature wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school (sore throat), so the human spent her day talking care of both of them –

And Serafina decided to have mercy on her and help her, which was a good thing because I was getting into mischief at home and the littlest Creature can WALK now and loves to keep the human hopping all day…(which is why the human is all "played out" by the time she gets home… and why I got into mischeif today)! 😸

See? That little Creature can get into trouble before you can blink an eye!

But she likes to "help" too- here she was "helping with the laundry -"

And here she was trying to remove those pesky sequins from the Creature’s top….

Holy Fleabags! No wonder that human never wants to play after 5:00!

Just hearing about me makes me want to run under the bed and hide….

But that would take effort…. 💤