Thursday Therapy

Hey there, peeps! 🐭

Twitchy Twilight here reminding you that it’s almost FURIDAY, so here’s a few laughs to get you through til the weekend.

So get ready for some Thursday Therapy!

This is my therapy – napping on my favorite paper with my favorite teddy bears, all warm and cozy right under the heater! *purrs * Goodnight! πŸ’€

Happy Thursday!

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭


Kat Diary: That Bath Got Me Thinking

I’ve been thinking since yesterday…..So today, I told my human I want a raise.

I mean, if they’re expecting me to put up with baths and claw trimmings and vet visits and ear cleanings and CREATURES, IT’S GOING TO COST THEM.

Here are my demands (part one):

πŸ”Ί I expect fresh salmon for breakfast -(cleaned and filleted of course, because who has time for all that work)?

πŸ”Ί And a daily Vanilla Bean Frappucino from Starbucks (while the human has her coffee)…

πŸ”Ί No more limited outdoor time (How am I ever supposed to catch a bird)?

πŸ”Ί No more “Get down from the counters,” and “QUIT WALKING ACROSS THE STOVE WHILE I’M COOKING!” πŸ”Ί The remote is MINE!

πŸ”ΊRedi Whip served with every meal (and on demand)….

And I know there are other things I should demand – but right now it’s my nap time –

Part two later… πŸ’€

Tuesday Tickles

Hey there, peeps!

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭

erafina and I are working together to train Lily to be a decent kat slave when she grows up (or before, if we can manage it – since she has access to all the milk she wants)…

We’ve been working together on a surprise…but today WE got the surprise!

The humans have been teaching the baby to NOT grab a handful of fur (or an ear, or a tail) and pull when she sees me or Serafina. And Lily has gotten good at (trying) to be gentle, so today the human took a video of Lily as she was close to Serafina so she could show Lily’s parents how good she’s doing.

But as it turns out, Lily was doing some teaching of her own!! 😹

Which left the humans wondering, What else is Lily teaching her?

Mwahahahaha! 🐭

Caturday Crazies

It all started with this!

A surprise for cute little ME from!! Oh my fleas! I’m so happy!

I just knew there was something delicious in that box from the moment it came! It smelled so good I tried to open it myself because the human was taking her dear sweet time about opening it.

And not only was there a giant bag of delicious food inside, but a new roll of CRINKLY PAPER too!

I was as excited about the paper as I was about the food (which just happened to come when my tummy was complaining loudly that it had been an ENTIRE 10 minutes since my last feeding)!

And then,…

I found another surprise!

A pretty, GOLDEN BALL!! And it even had a pretty golden handle so I could pick it up and carry it around!

I was so happy! But for some reason the human just about fainted when she saw me slapping it around – she must have been overcome with joy that I liked it!

I was careful to show her how special it is to me. I took it from the top of the microwave and knocked it down to see if it would make that pretty tinkle-y sound that broken glass makes (it didn’t – but I like it anyway)!

Then I tossed it in the air and swatted it everywhere –

I played with that pretty golden ball until I started getting sleepy…

Then I took it into my brand new box lined with my brand new paper, just to make sure it was safe and I’d be able to find it in the morning –

And then…

I curled up on my blankie with my teddy bear and went to bed.

Goodnight! ❀️

From the Kat’s Purrspective

Hey there, peeps! 🐭

Twitchy Twilight here!

I’ve been busy helping the human with her cleaning before she starts her holiday decorating – but after I eliminated everything on the shelf over the refrigerator, I found out she didn’t think that was very helpful at all.

I just don’t understand this lady!

Well, I think I’ll just take a nap while the human undoes all my hard work –

Some people just don’t appreciate real talent when they see it! πŸ’€

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭