Caturday Crazies

It all started with this!

A surprise for cute little ME from!! Oh my fleas! I’m so happy!

I just knew there was something delicious in that box from the moment it came! It smelled so good I tried to open it myself because the human was taking her dear sweet time about opening it.

And not only was there a giant bag of delicious food inside, but a new roll of CRINKLY PAPER too!

I was as excited about the paper as I was about the food (which just happened to come when my tummy was complaining loudly that it had been an ENTIRE 10 minutes since my last feeding)!

And then,…

I found another surprise!

A pretty, GOLDEN BALL!! And it even had a pretty golden handle so I could pick it up and carry it around!

I was so happy! But for some reason the human just about fainted when she saw me slapping it around – she must have been overcome with joy that I liked it!

I was careful to show her how special it is to me. I took it from the top of the microwave and knocked it down to see if it would make that pretty tinkle-y sound that broken glass makes (it didn’t – but I like it anyway)!

Then I tossed it in the air and swatted it everywhere –

I played with that pretty golden ball until I started getting sleepy…

Then I took it into my brand new box lined with my brand new paper, just to make sure it was safe and I’d be able to find it in the morning –

And then…

I curled up on my blankie with my teddy bear and went to bed.

Goodnight! ❀️


From the Kat’s Purrspective

Hey there, peeps! 🐭

Twitchy Twilight here!

I’ve been busy helping the human with her cleaning before she starts her holiday decorating – but after I eliminated everything on the shelf over the refrigerator, I found out she didn’t think that was very helpful at all.

I just don’t understand this lady!

Well, I think I’ll just take a nap while the human undoes all my hard work –

Some people just don’t appreciate real talent when they see it! πŸ’€

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭

Thursday Therapy

Hey there, peeps! 🐭 Twitchy Twilight here!

The human got up at 5 this morning, and she tried to snuggle me on the couch – but I was too sleepy, so she just sat there and had her coffee with me while she woke up.

I love that she does that, because it makes me feel special. She says since I’m her only purrincess now, she has to take extra good care of me so I’ll be happy and healthy forever.

*I could get used to this* 🐭

Then, I finally decided to snuggle her too –

But she kept talking pictures until…

I got right up in her face!! 😹

Then, she finally stopped taking pictures and we cuddled (until it was time for my elegant breakfast and Redi whip garnish).


πŸ‘‘ It’s tough being a goddess. πŸ‘‘

Lessons fur the Discerning Kat

Hey there peeps!

Twitchy Twilight here! 🐭<

I dreamed about Shrimp last night –

In my dream she told me that now that she’s over the Rainbow Bridge, she needs me to pick up where she left off with her “Lessons fur the discerning Kat.”

She said if I didn’t, she’d “purrsonally see to it” that I never catch another mouse for the rest of my life!” πŸ™€

So, here we go with Lesson One:

Don’t believeΒ everything your humans tell you.

If humans can get a job, so can you.

Think twice before adopting a human.


Never let a mouse (or anything) laugh at you.

Remind the humans who’s boss.

And don’t forget- Deny everything!


🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭

Shrimp’s Back Porch Report

Greetings Humans!πŸ˜Ίβ˜•οΈYep – you read that right. Today my report is from the back porch.

We are surrounded by wildfires, and the air around here is thick with smoke – no one is going outside – even the creatures! The human didn’t let me or Nut Bucket stay out either after she took this picture – she’s worried about the smoke affecting our lungs. This has been going on fur days. I’ve been bored out of my cute little mind – so I’ve even started playing with the Albino Flea!

That is, until she makes me mad…

Then she goes to the kat tree and starts pawing at the human to make her play and to get her sympathy! (Spoiled brat kat)!

Of course, the human always feels sorry fur the little flea…

Until she gets a look at my angry eyes glaring at her, then she decides the little furry brat had it coming!! 😹 MOL!

This is how the moon looked last night –

It looked bright red orange fur about the first couple of hours (before the human thought to take a picture)- and the color didn’t come out very well with the iPhone camera – but every night lately it’s looked like a creepy Halloween moon – and the air is thick and heavy.

I miss going outside and showing the neighborhood kats who’s boss- but there’s no way the human is going to let us out again until the air clears- so I’m going to be teaching the Albino Flea some manners meanwhile – let’s hope she learns quickly!