Monday Cattitude

Greetings Humans! 😺☕️

Well its Monday again- and I’m not feeling very cheery today because the Human is going to be spending the day with the Creature and its baby sister, spoiling THEM instead of cute little me.

See what I mean? 

And all because “it’s summer now and school’s out!” 😾 Well, MAKE IT START AGAIN! 

Twitchy Twilight and I want our human here (Creature-less) all day to spoil us and play with us and she just WON’T co-operate!

That means that not only will Twitchy Twilight and I have to entertain ourselves today, but when the human gets home, all we’ll hear about its how “darling” the littlest creature is. 

Oh yay.

Wake us up when it’s over!


And the Paper Wars rage on…

Greetings Humans! 😺 ☕️ 

Twitchy Twilight still just doesn’t get it – she has it stuck in that that triangle shaped head of hers that all this nice, fun paper is just fur her. 

Even after all my discussions with her! I think she thinks that if she ignores me long enough, maybe I’ll begin to think she’s right – the little flea brain!

Every time I pounce on the paper to entertain myself, here comes that little Albino Flea out of the flippin woodwork to try to run me right off it – but I’m not going anywhere! 

Look – I mean just LOOK at how she tunnels inside the Paper and tries to hide so she can scare me out of it! But I can always tell she’s there -just lurking under the surface…

And when the human tries to play with me, out pops that little white head and she plows right into my path like a flippin BULL!!

And the next thing I know, the battle’s -on again to defend my rights to MY PAPER!

–and my TOYS, and my treats, and my human!

Hey – I have an idea! Maybe I can stuff her into a suitcase and pack her off fur “summer camp!!” 😺

I’m sure they have one in the North Pole … 😼

Twitchy Twilight’s Frustrating FURiday 

Hey there peeps! 🐭 

Twitchy Twilight here – boy, yesterday was so frustrating for me and Shrimp! (But worse for me)!

It started out great at first – the humans were both off and human #2 left early for a doctor appointment, and I knew when I saw human #1 sleeping past 5:00 am that it had to mean she was going to stay home with us today, and I was right!

She played with us as she had her coffee- and we loved having her here spoiling us – but we didn’t understand why she refused to let us out – even though we both gave her our most pathetic cry of desperation (at higher volume than usual)…

Then, I followed her into the kitchen where she had the window open, and I noticed my carrier was out and she picked me up to put me in it when I heard a really loud ROAR and all of a sudden something fell out of the window just as she had put me in the carrier – and I got so SCARED! 

It sounded like the house was falling apart! At the same time, the wind slammed the bedroom door and I started crying – but instead of taking me out of  the carrier, the human took me out to the car in it – in the middle of a WINDSTORM and pouring rain!

Guess where we went? That’s right – the VET!

The human has made the appointment last week because she had noticed my gums were red and inflamed and my ears had felt hot for a whole week. I also found out I had to get a leukemia Booster!  🙀

The wind outside was even worse and I got so SCARED I had an accident in my carrier and Mom didn’t know it until they took me out -(oops)!

The vet checked me out and said I’m very healthy and that my gums are “within normal range” since I’d just finished teething – so my human was relieved and I was too – until they clipped my claws and gave me a shot!

I was so HAPPY when it was time to go home – but then as soon as I got home and calmed down again…

The human gave me A BATH! 

(But then she spoiled me and gave me treats)- and now….

I sure hope that windstorm is over tomorrow so I can go out and get dirty again!!

Twitchy Twilight’s Wacky Wednesday 

Hey there, peeps! 🐭🐹

Twilight here – the humans around here had some really pawful news from a furiend yesterday who is just like one of their own Creatures- (they call her their “adopted daughter -“) she was in the Emergency Room a whole state away in extreme pain and the doctors suspected a really pawful condition that would have just been too much for anyone to bear – especially someone under 25 years old. 

Read about it here –

They were all devastated and broken hearted and couldn’t think of anything but her and the pawful impact the diagnosis would have on her life and her family.

So I didn’t get a chance to grab the phone to post for today because the human was hanging on extra tight to it because they were waiting to hear the results of the MRI that would tell if that was the diagnosis or not- (a positive diagnosis would have meant emergency surgery).

Meanwhile, I  was being extra cute because I knew they were all upset and I was trying to help them stay calm. 

All the humans spent last night purraying that the diagnosis wouldn’t be anything so devastating so that she could have a chance at a normal life! 

This morning the news came back that the MRI was clear! They still don’t know what exactly is the purroblem- but she has been referred to specialists and at least now they know she will be able to recover!

Have a purrfect day!💘 

Kat Diary: Twitchy  Twilight’s Tuesday 

Hey there! 🐹 

Twilight here- how are all you humans today? Are you all sharpening your mouse hunting skills?
The human is grooming Shrimp right now, so I POUNCED on the chance to take over her blog for a little bit! But don’t tell her, okay? She sure is GRUMPY)!
So, I want to tell you all how I start my day:

First, I always start my day cuddling up to the human who always gives us morning treats as soon as she wakes up – and then I follow her into the bathroom (which makes Shrimp really mad)- and then I run to the cat tree and paw at her while she brews her  first cup of coffee! 

(I still can’t get her to brew any for me though, no matter how cute I act)!

Then I take a bath  right after she feeds us –

And before I let her take her coffee out of the kitchen, I swipe at her are times from over the top of the Keurig to get her to play with me-  (with Shrimp glaring at me the whole time – she must think I’m really pretty because she’s always staring at me)…

Then-  (after Shrimp gets mad and goes into the bedroom to pout), I wait for the human to reach in the desk drawer for her resistance bands that she uses for her workout, so I can go into the drawer and fish for goodies to play with – then while she works out, I swipe at the bands and chew on them – 

Next, it’s time to play golf while she gets dressed and ready to go to the Creature’s house…

Then it’s back to the cat tree-

And then,….

The human puts a blanket down for me to tame- (some of those blankets are very dangerous), and she puts out ping-pong balls and other toys all over the place for me to play with before she leaves! 

And sometimes, she even leaves her resistance band in my favorite box for me to fight with!

And that’s how I start my day!

I love my new home – and even Shrimp (even though she’s always staring at me)!

Oops- gotta go! Bye!

Thursday Therapy: Twitchy Twilight 

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️ 

The lazy glass kat and I had a serious discussion today – and I think Twilight’s gone over the deep end.

See, the human ordered us some food and toys from, and the big package arrived yesterday, with a huge bag of the most PURRFECT kat food ever, some L-lysine powder (that we caught the human spiking our Fancy Feast with), some kat vitamins (REALLY, HUMAN)? And some dental chews, and TOYS!

But our favorite thing is the big box it came in!!😹

I checked it out right away and decided the human can’t get rid of it. She said she didn’t have room to keep it, but Twilight and I put all four paws down and said it’s not going anywhere!

Then Twilight came along and took it over! 

And then she discovered the paper and toys in it – and got really crazy! 

​The human took videos of her being all wild-  (I got out of the way)- but fur some reason, I can’t get the videos uploaded tonight (flippin internet)!

Twilight’s favorite thing is the curly springs – she slaps them all over the house and carries them around in her mouth – and she loves the chew toys too-(the human tied one into the kat tree so she can’t lose it)… But my favorite is the box -(and the FOOD)! 😹 I can’t stop eating the stuff (and neither can Twilight)- and the human was thrilled that she got free two day shipping fur it! 

I’ll try to upload the videos of Twitchy Twilight tomorrow – but right now, I’ve got some serious playing to do!